Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where has the time gone?

It seems like forever since I have sat down to write a new blog posting!!

I have now posted all of my products on Etsy. Wow, what an ordeal that has been. Between deciding how to do the photos, to pricing, to shipping, to descriptions, to, to, to, to.....it never seemed like it would end.

But success :)  Everything is posted, well everything that I have made in stock is posted. Figured if I put everything up, it would give me that inspirational boost to get my butt in gear to get more made.

Before I forget, a massive THANK YOU shout goes out to me Mom and my sister Deb for getting me all of the teacups they have so far. Sometimes living in a remote area has its downfalls and unfortunately, shopping is a major one!

Alyssa has submitted the ad campaign to the 'Faerie Magazine' for it's fall printing. I am so proud of the work she has done :) Once the magazine is out, I will scan a shot of the page and post here for you to see.

New product and inventory are arriving daily. My poor husband thinks that Canada Post has even forgotten what his name is....well except he does get the bills in the mail, so technically he is still receiving mail :) Thank goodness he is a good sport about it all and not only does he carry everything in the house for me, but he helps me open it too!!

My display units have also been arriving in the mail. I now has 5 glass pedestals containers to show off the Teacup Nurseries. I can't wait to get these assembled as I will have two of them here in town and the other three will be scattered across Alberta.

The new rubber stamps with the logo look fantastic. Just waiting now for the branding iron so we can burn the logo onto the backs of the wooden doors and the bottom of the trinket chests.

Again....thank you to Alyssa for taking a concept and turning it into my logo.