Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Eleventh Hour Visitor?

Now here we are at a very northern nursery in Canada, with the sun now setting earlier and earlier in evening with barely a the light from dusk sky.

At this hour the Faeries rarely are allowed outside at this unusual hour. Why you ask? Well to be honest the mosquitoes are still bigger than they are! To me, if I was a Faerie...I wouldn't want to be outside either.

So there I was sitting outside breathing in the fresh air, hearing the breeze murmur their way through the tips of tallest tree branches and watch the light as it quickly fades away. I was enjoying my cup of tea in my favourite mug when I thought I heard a rustle in the low lying undergrowth and small shrubs?

Being as inquisitive as I am (and well knowing that I would be in BIG trouble from the Faeries if I didn't go and investigate) I ran back into the nursery to grab the camera....thankfully I didn't rouse anyone or else I never would have gotten back outside!

And this is what I found...I'm not too sure who this is? What they are doing here at the nursery? Where they came from? Are there more? Why are they rustling around just outside the nursery in the late evening light? Why are they here? The questions going through my head were quickly being asked to the point I just couldn't keep up and I defiantly can't remember to write them all down here.

This is what I heard...whispers, sighs, and even though I was within hearing distance I still couldn't distinguish the language that I could just barely hear.

What could I see....a hat that definitely had undoubtably had a curly form, it looked a lot like burlap to me but then how could burlap have form? A very long beard could be seen from a side profile, leading me to believe that our visitor just might be a little old man, gnome, dwarf!

This wee creature was definitely looking around but didn't seem to wander to far from where I originally found him. He just kind of was gazing, inspecting and possibly even peeking through the leaves just checking me out as well?

Now a lot of the pictures that I am posting may very similar in looks but all I could think of what to do was to keep pressing the shutter button just to make sure that I got something on film.

Once inside the nursery, I uploaded the photos from the camera to my iPhoto....now it is VERY important that you realize that none of these photos have been altered in anyway. All I did was add our watermark...well for you know why reasons.

I will definitely take another gander in the morning and perhaps let the Faeries out to look around just in case he is just too nervous to see me, me who must look like a giant.

So here he is our eleventh hour visitor...