Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Unexpected Gift...

I have never used this blog to really showcase other people's work but today, I need to share with you something that I purchased from across the pond...  I will just copy exactly what I shared on both my business and personal page on Facebook as a tribute to the creator.

"Well you know when you purchase something and you just know that it is going to be perfect and be everything that you ever want it to be?

I can say that today, I am more than overjoyed at my latest gift to me from my faerie nursery...well okay, I purchased it to use in my faerie nursery...and NO, the faeries are NOT going to get their wee hands on it! For how much I just love their little, no, no, no, no!

I had seen this ladies work and just instantly fell in love with the creativity, flair and beauty. Just by looking at her finished pieces you could see the pride she takes in her work. Now I have heard a little bit about the new look..'shabby chic' but I can't say that I really knew what it was until I happened across this page.

Now me being me, and ever soooo hard to please, Judy took the time to listen. She actually went out shopping just for me! She was able to see what I was wanting and then went way over and above what I was expecting. 

On the front cover, I have delicate lace, wonderful pearls, the prettiest wee mulberry roses in shades of pink and cream, shimmery white ribbon and to top it all off...the most gorgeous butterflies I have EVER seen. They are delicate, sparkly, they come in all sizes and they all have pretty pearled bodies in white and pink. 

On the front inside cover you can find matching lace, pearls and a dedication from Judy to Faerie Amma. There is even a wee little pocket just under the row of pearls and if you look close enough there are pearls on the upper corners.

On the back inside cover you'll find a matching design from the front inside cover but this time inside the pocket (upon my request), Judy has created pretty scalloped introduction cards of herself and her company.

I would like you to meet Judy from:

Please do drop in and say 'hi' fact tell her that Faerie Amma recommended her page to you  :)

Now for what you have all been waiting...look at my new stunningly beautiful, 'shabby chic' book. I can't thank you enough Judy for all you did to create this masterpiece.

The hard part is yet to I really can't imagine using it!! How could I ever want to use such a beautiful keepsake. I will admit, it will probably become just that..a keepsake sitting among my faeries in all of it's splendour. Guess, I will have to pay Judy another visit to get another one that isn't quite so elaborate :)

Love Faerie Amma"

I truly am in awe of my new gift to myself...

Love Faerie Amma