Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanging by a Thread

Well actually by a jump ring!!

Here is another spacer bead that I can use to hang my Sugarplum Faerie pendants from. These ones have a little daisy flower stamped on them. (The others had a star, please review my blog post from March 17).

Faerie Charms

These are quite different from the first set of Faerie charms that I ordered. These ones a bit smaller but they are 3D and they have quite a bit of weight to them.

Here is a side by side view of the previously ordered Faerie (left) and the new one that arrived today (right).  As you can see, the new one is quite a bit smaller but has more dimension. 

Faerie Dust

The wee little glass vials came in today. And wow, are they ever tiny!! Who makes these kinds of things? They even come with a spill proof twist on lid!

These will be used to hold Faerie Dust in the little wooden boxes that go with the Faerie Doors and Petal Faeries.

Are they not the cutest little bottles you have ever seen!!

The Cutting Edge

These came in from momandmescrapbooks (ebay)

Next two steps are....

1. trying them out (that's the easy part)
2. picking a favourite (that's the hard part)

These will be used to do the edging on all of the display cards. After finding out that an embosser machine will not be able to work, I thought that at least putting a decorative edging on might help.

Tiny Little Soldiers All In A Row

Well if lined up....who knows how far they would go! I received the last of Lois7374 (ebay) stash of little Nutcracker Prince charms, 98 of them in total!! This should complete all that I need to make the wine glass charms for this theme and if not....Lois said she would order more in for me  :)