Friday, February 19, 2021

Book Review: Sweetheart Fairies -- Daisy's Rainbow Picnic by Katie Peters

Book Review ...

Sweetheart Fairies -- Daisy's Rainbow Picnic

Author: Katie Peters
Illustrations: Sanja Rescek

Published in 2008 by Scholastic Children's Books
ISBN10: 0439944767       ISBN13: 9789439944762

This book is about Fairy Daisy and her friends baking goodies for their afternoon picnic.

Each page features a different sparkly fruit flip-up flap that hides beneath it a special dessert that each of her friends is bringing along. Daisy used raspberries, Jasmine a peach, Rosies cherries and Lily  blueberries. Doesn't each sounds so delicious and yummy. A story about friendship, hope and love.

It was a nice surprise to find out what had been freshly made and even though it was a secret written under the flap most were easy to guess. 

I found the graphics very pretty and the storyline is super cute that keeps the reader engaged right to the last page.

Each Sweetheart Fairy is dressed in little dresses matching the colour of the fruit that they used for their dessert. They each have a sparkly set of leaf wings, shoes and lacy trims on their gowns. Plus, each page features wee critters from butterflies to ants to caterpillars to dragonflies too! Each of these are just as sparkly as their Fairy friend. 

The graphics by Sanja is definitely the reason why I purchased this 6 paged hardcovered picture book. The raised sparkles makes this book fall within my guidelines under the touch and feel category. 

You can purchase this book through your local bookstore. I did take a look through most of the larger on-line bookstores but either they were all very expensive or out-of-stock.

Daisy's Rainbow Picnic is just one of four in this set of board books. The other titles being Jasmine's Sparkly Surprise, Rosie's Magical Hide-and-Seek and Lily's Twinkle Bedtime. Be sure to check out these other books in this series.