Friday, April 20, 2012


Yes, we are making progress :)

Great news on the webpage. Shawn is now just doing the final testing of the page links and setting up the domain. We have set a target launch date of May 1st for it coming on-line. This site will list all of the petal faeries that are available to find new guardians and new adventures. 

I have commissioned a wonderful story written by Meagan that will be presented on the 'about us' page. She was able to come and visit the nursery for inspiration, I am very pleased with the outcome and I can't wait for you all to read it. 

Along with the website, shortly afterwards the Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery Etsy store front will open. 

All of our disclaimer and box labels along with our new 'guardianship' cards have been printed. Thank you so much to Sherry with The Business Center. Please visit her website for any of  your printing needs, websites and soooo much more. You can reach her through this link: The Business Center

So many great things happening. I hope you all come along and enjoy the development of our little project. 

We guardians of the nursery are heading south for a few days (I have a new grandson Dominic, that needs to be held and my little granddaughter Rebecca needs to have her Amma Emm to play with). 

I look forward to sharing all these new and exciting events once I get back. 

Parcels :)

More flower petals have arrived and are being put away this evening. Lots of large gerber daisies, some hot pink pom poms, tiny little roses in peaches and yellows and a garland of purple flowers with lots of green leaves. 

We were also blessed to have another 'care' package arrive all the way from San Francisco -- thank you so much Sharin :)  There is always a great big hype when one of her parcels arrive. We all gather around the table (and those that can't make it are right with us thank you to Skype) as we gently open the box up. This parcel contained more of our wonderful iridescent flower petals...but these ones are tiny so they will be placed on top to glitter and shine for all to see. More of the most vibrant and brilliant coloured magenta flowers. A whole box (yes, a whole box) of the prettiest and the sparkliest pipe cleaners I have ever seen! (and might I add, the faeries in the nursery sure have noted them too as we all know how much they love shiny things).  Fabric swatches galore, more inspiration to start experimenting. Yards and yards of fantastic blue ribbon. Wonderful white tatted lace that will make beautiful skirts (thank goodness there is enough to go around as I am sure I will have to keep these tucked away so they don't go 'accidentally' missing and I end up finding them hidden throughout the nursery). The strangest metallic blue 'stuff'. I really don't know what it reminds me of an SOS pad but it's blue and soft and gorgeous. I'm thinking it will look great in the new hairdo's the faeries have been sporting of late. Also tucked in the bottom were lots of Fimo flowers and goodies (too many to list). Again, a massive thank you and a big hug from all of us here at the faerie nursery to Sharin. We all wish she lived a might bit closer so she could come and play in the nursery as well. 

Another visit from Debora...

Last week the nursery had Debora over for another visit. During that time, our first wee wee wee little faerie was born. I mean, she is tiny. Now please don't think for a minute that I am exaggerating! She stands a mere one inch in height, minus the hairdo ;)  Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to name her before she flew out of the nursery to go and explore a new garden at Debora's house. But as she does live close by and I do promise to give you an update on how she is doing soon.

 A big thank you goes out to Blissful Silks for providing a lot of the petals that this little faerie has in her skirt. Please visit her site on Etsy as she has the most wonderful selection of silk flowers. Blissful Silks