Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Wow, I was just able to add two more companies to my Favourites tab!

As this tab is still pretty new and something that I am actually taking great pride in doing, I thought I should share a bit about it here, through a blog posting.

The original idea came from T&D Designs. They often welcome their Facebook followers to join along and that is how I found the idea. The intent is to hopefully drive like minded folks to their page and perhaps to find a new friend or two along the way.

So, my take on the idea is that if you are interested in joining, which no strings attached (and no promises of course) this is what I will do for you. I will review your site, a webpage, Facebook, E-commerce site and I will do a short write up about you or your product. I will include links to your home page and at least one other page if you participate in other social media sites. If you happen to offer something for sale, I will choose my personal favourite and tell you why I love it so. Once I have completed my write up, I will then post it on my company Facebook, mention the update on my website and will Tweet about it too.

These are the groups that have joined me on this adventure so far...

T&D Designs - jewelry and authentic native art

Canadian Art Beats - nature being transformed into art

Sirens Designs - best graphic designer EVER (a bit prejudice mind you as she did all of my work)

Jen's Tangled Threads - flip flops and scarves for every occassion

Jewelry by Teresa's Country Treasures - jewelry that is handmade with love

The Shabby Witch - bringing magic into your home

The Calamity Cat - crafting resin jewelry with a twist

Brandy Wilson Photographic Works - taking a simple wild flower and creating a masterpiece

Connie Kuusisto - putting the BUZZ in social media

Welcome to my blog page :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Goodies

I will be attending my very first Fort Smith Trade Show as an actual vendor and not a shopper this weekend.

The Government of the Northwest Territories - Industry, Tourism & Investment (GNWT - ITI) department kindly nominated my little faerie nursery as a potential crafter to be sponsored for a booth. At first, I was all woo hoo and I can't wait but I will be honest...I had NO clue how much work has had to go into Saturday's event.

My massive shopping spree from VistaPrint will certainly come in handy from the 6' banners all way down to all of my printed materials including sticky notes, magnets, rack cards, tri-fold brochures and business cards.

This will be the first time that I get to use my tablecloth that I had specially printed with my company colours and logo.

All of the new products lines will be making their debut ~ jewelry, Bubble Faeries and the Northern Faeries - Midnight Sun and Aurora. I will be bringing along samples of my little Faeries, Princes, Seed Pod Babies, Teacup Nurseries, Wooden Doors and the Trinket Chests.

So far....without adding any product yet...I am up to 4 rubber maids...oh and I will have to carry in the banners and their stands as well...oh and there are also two wooden shelving units that I am bringing along. Still hoping that they will be able to find an extra table so that the ladies have somewhere to do their sparkle tattoos from!!

I worked hand-in-hand with my daughter to come up with a gift basket to give away. We decided to title it The Flower Basket. It is plum full of faerie stuff and flower scented Avon goodies. This basket is also featuring a Bubble Faerie, hence the bubble bath :)

And yes, the ladies and I will be in full make-up and I have arranged to have a photographer available to a photo op!!

If you happen to live in the area, please stop by the booth to say 'hi' and introduce yourself.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding Feathers!

It is always nice to hear from faeries that have found loving homes. I would like you to meet Faerie Lucilleadelle...it seems she must have a new feathered friend from the looks of these photos.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Planting Day at the Nursery

With our weather still being so chilly outside still the faeries decided to bring a bit of spring into the nursery itself. They were busy replanting the little Valentine's Day rose bush, rooting some houseplants and planting wee little pansy seeds.

Here is a sneak peek at what they were doing and you can see the whole album on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where did Spring go??

Well today was April 2, 2013 and this is what it looked outside of our northern nursery today even though we decorated the windows!

I do believe we were to expect 13 cm (5") of fresh snow and later on in the week we are to drop down again to -27C (-17F).

Oh well, eventually spring will get here :)

Secret Project??

It seems that while I was out of the nursery the Faeries started a project all on their own. As I am only hearing snippets here and there, I can't say for sure I know exactly what they are up to...but I did manage to snap a few photos!

I have been finding little piles of 'stuff' tucked into baskets and hiding behind boxes and containers? It certainly is quite the collection that they have been gathering.

And are those sparkles in those bottles?? Where on earth did they find those? And I'm thinking that someone must have snuck up and raided my pantry for the food colouring bottles... they are pretty colours though :)

A basket of the pretties blue marbles I have ever seen. Sure hope they didn't drop any as I don't want anyone stepping on one and falling! Best I check the floor VERY carefully.

What on earth are they doing? What an eclectic collection this is...what all is in there...a stamp, beads, buttons, coins, ribbons, feathers, sequins, string...and is that a bread bag clip?? What???

Monday, April 1, 2013

Flowers for your Magical Moonlight Garden

Did you know that some faeries just love being outside when the moon is full and your garden is filled with splendid flowers that are awake and blooming in full or are very fragrant filling the evening air with wonderful aroma. 

To invite your faeries to your moonlight garden consider planting come of these flowers. Please note that this list could go on and on but it is easy to research for more :)

Moonflower  - the Moonflower is one of the most romantic plants you can grown in the garden. It's a statuesque, ideal evening-garden plant bearing large trumpet-shape flowers that unfurl in the evening (or on overcast days) and stay open until the sun rises. Some are sweetly fragrant when open. This beautiful plant is also very heat and draught resistant. Beware: it is quite poisonous, especially the seeds.  

Evening Primose - The Evening Primrose open their flowers in the evening and closing them again early each morning. 

Night Phlox - Blooms open in the evening releasing their sweet, honey-like fragrance. 

Evening Stock - These wee little flowers open at twilight and emanate a spicy vanilla scent. 

Four O'Clock - Just as their name states, these flowers open in mid to late afternoon and close up again the next morning. 

Nottingham Catchfly - These flowers are closed during the day but they open up in the evening and emit a powerful fragrance which resembles hyacinth. In the twilight of summer evenings its shining white flowers are especially attractive to butterflies. 

Night Blooming Cereus - This cactus family plant is rarely seen in the wild because for one midsummer's night each year, its exquisitely scented flower opens as night falls then closes forever with the first rays of the morning sun.  

Miss Ellen Willmott Lilac - These flowers are highly fragrant and their petals are reflective in the moonlight.

Yucca - These flowering stalks are open day and night. 

Flowering Tobacco - This plant gives off the most wonderful fragrance at night. 

Night Gladiolus - Flowers open wider at dusk and are very fragrant.