Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where did Spring go??

Well today was April 2, 2013 and this is what it looked outside of our northern nursery today even though we decorated the windows!

I do believe we were to expect 13 cm (5") of fresh snow and later on in the week we are to drop down again to -27C (-17F).

Oh well, eventually spring will get here :)

Secret Project??

It seems that while I was out of the nursery the Faeries started a project all on their own. As I am only hearing snippets here and there, I can't say for sure I know exactly what they are up to...but I did manage to snap a few photos!

I have been finding little piles of 'stuff' tucked into baskets and hiding behind boxes and containers? It certainly is quite the collection that they have been gathering.

And are those sparkles in those bottles?? Where on earth did they find those? And I'm thinking that someone must have snuck up and raided my pantry for the food colouring bottles... they are pretty colours though :)

A basket of the pretties blue marbles I have ever seen. Sure hope they didn't drop any as I don't want anyone stepping on one and falling! Best I check the floor VERY carefully.

What on earth are they doing? What an eclectic collection this is...what all is in there...a stamp, beads, buttons, coins, ribbons, feathers, sequins, string...and is that a bread bag clip?? What???