Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Petal Faeries

Well the week hasn't just been all work and no play.

I would like to introduce you to my Petal Faeries. The original idea behind these Faeries came from the book titled "Fairies Petal People You Make Yourself" by Rachel Haab.

I have had lots of fun with the designing of these little ones. They are a cinch to make and take little time to complete. As you can see they are quite tiny, measuring around 3" in total.

If anyone has any spare little pieces of wool, bead, ribbons, string, curly hair and most of all flower petals...please save them for me. I am sure everything will find a place and will make a new Petal Faerie very happy :)

Each of these little Faeries will accompany a Faerie door. As it stands now, I think each door will match the Faerie it comes with. I have wonderful water-based wood stain (thinking environmentally here) that comes in a beautiful array of colours.
You can check our Saman's webpage for more details.  http://www.saman.ca/home

Business Plan

It's not like I haven't been doing anything or ignoring my blog by any means. 

This week has seen me concentrating on getting by Business Plan together. I have done research from different websites to find something that is similar (no point in re-inventing the wheel if I don't have to). 

I have the majority of it done, just have to work on all of the financials now. Hopefully it will all make sense in the end :)