Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Cold Outside!!

Even though the nursery is located above the 60th parallel and the faeries are used to our cold winters...when I woke up this morning and checked the thermometer's temperature outside, it registered -38.9 C (and F when it gets that cold!). Well, I rushed down to the nursery to make sure the faeries were okay...and this is what I found!!

It seemed that the faeries took everything into their own hands...Pixie Bess, Grace and Ivy along with Sprite Enwedhan were all busy knitting away making scarves for the other faeries.
Hot apple juice was already brewing on the stove top with Mouse the Ashray Faerie, Ros of the Moss People, Faerie Cabela and Faerie Mia standing by with the cinnamon sticks. 
Even the  youngest of the Clay Potters were making sure that everyone would stay warm. Here are Sprite SugarPlum, Pixie Tilly and Ella the Sprite watching over newly baked chocolate chip cookies.
I couldn't quite figure out where everyone else had gone to as I know for a fact that in this type of weather I would not have left a window open. But after a bit of thinking....I know I had to go out and fill the bird feeders this morning so the wee little birds could eat. Without a blink out the door they must have went. Here are Faerie Nettle, Fae Bella, Nipper the Clurichaun, Benny the Sprite, Missy May of the Moss People and Pixie Heather out in the cold all sporting the new scarves that had been made during the night. 

And finally, out trying to catch the suns rays, I found Sapphire the Pixie, Pixie Sunburst and Pixie Jinx.