Monday, November 3, 2014

The Thoughts and The Photos

For the week of October 27 -31, 2014

Authors this week include:

Lois Lowry, J. Maarten Froost, Jostein Gaarder, John Flanagan and Luna Lindsay.

The topics this week were all about how fairy tales will hold us all together no matter what life throws at us.

The full explanation about how a plane really stays afloat in the great sea of the clouds (and I always believed that aerodynamics had absolutely no place in this), how some people really try to debunk the fact that fairy tales are real, the truth of what defines a sword and finally a whole conversation about the more predominately known 6 courts of Fae (yes there was a graphic but then a full blog posting!!).

The week started with how the world itself can destroy itself (hmmm wonder if that word really words both ways?) but the truth about faeries tales will always remain the same.

I love the description of air travel. I know that ever since I was little and as we all did/do ask but how does the plane stay up in the sky (p.s. I still ask this question as I have NEVER been satisfied on the answer that I have been given). I truly believe that I know exactly how the magic works.

As I do not live in the world of 'truth', or at least the truth that is widely accepted and even acknowledged world wide...but I live in one that embraces wonderment, magic, fairy dust, shiny things, rocks (you always have to have rocks), and really just the whole enchantment that I choose to surround myself in. It really doesn't matter what other people think or for that matter, what they say. Once you can get yourself above all of that nonsense, life becomes a much happier place. A place that sometimes stays aloof and for many they never find that silly way for the rest of their lives. This life, this lifestyle, the need to question is one that people forget once they lose their childhood. One that when they believed in the magic of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and even the Easter Bunny. One that people strive to once again accept that life doesn't have to be this mechanical, law abiding (okay, well there are still some 'rules' that you have to keep applied to life), boring and doesn't take much to turn it off, to let your feelings replace that 'chip on your shoulder' and that staunch feeling in your belly that you must confirm to the rest of the worlds viewpoint. Who wants to live that way anyways?

The sword and the fairy wand reminds me of the laughter of seeing children playing, those that want/desire to be the hero and those that want to be locked away and rescued. Now, these roles are definitely not defined by gender even though throughout the evolution of life, these roles really have been predestined and even fated for young boys and girls. Is it possible that those that change this viewpoint are they the ones that continue to see the beautiful and sparkly side of life? If they are, I sure hope that their journey is never interrupted by the standards of others. And who knows perhaps swords really are fairy wands.

And as above, this weeks final quote and graphic...I really did go into great explanation of the different types of courts... lol

The Photo

What a wonderful time of year. The end of the harvest season. The time of celebration and the time of argh....the winter and snow is coming.

The wee birds have been busy feasting away on pre-purchased black oiled sunflower seeds and then the natural ones that have been dried from last seasons crop. I just love how a picked over sunflower looks just like a honey comb. It is quite funny how during the summer there is no one to be seen. We fill the bird feeders possibly once a month and yet now they are pretty well empty once a week. Having a natural treed lot (yes, even in a residential area) allows all types of birds to eat, groom and well just sing along in a protected and safe area.

The amazement of a day that has been ceremonially celebration from the very early of times, through to the abduction of symbolism and ritual practices through the power of religion (this is not an attack on the church, no matter what nature of belief that anyone holds dearly), to the adaptation of today's Mardi Gras, Trick and Treating, costumes and lively get-togethers. How time sure does go around and around. Perhaps not in the exact way but through the natural repetition and regurgitation of history.

And our final note for this week is the reminder that 'The Thought' will be back here on Monday, November 10...even wee faeries need some down time as well.