Monday, January 26, 2015

Catching an Icy Toe

As all of our Northern Faeries are in their own way very special...some are very colourful, some stem from stories told of yesterdays years, some are traditions, some can be seen just out the window, and some represent the environment, land and waters of the North.

It is here where one of our elusive Faeries actually lives...

Where the most unimaginable world resides.... Where waves tips are frozen instantly.... Where just a single ray sunshine travels farther than the eye can see....Where aliens wander in all sizes and colours...Where the largest of mammals hunt undisturbed....Where the environment is encroaching in their space....Where a delicate ecological system can not be recreated...Where only the brave dare to visit...This is where Mistress Sanna calls home. And every so often she comes onto the snowy land where her tail mysteriously transforms. And if your eyes can see through the blinding white shield that is created by the blowing wind you might catch a glimpse of her across the ice. And on the rarest of chances that she might be the one to see that just as you are curious to she what blurry shape you thought was only a dream...she too, will come to the very edge of the iceberg to see what the blurry shape see seen and if it too was a mirage...It is at this time, but you must be quick....that you can take ahold of her hand and bring her back to land. Once she is warmed by the lit fire in the nursery, she will warm and start to question all that lays before her. She now waits with the sound of a ticking clock beating in mind...what other adventures wait for her. She is now ready for her next journey, perhaps one to your house....but be it known that if left out too long she will secretly sip back to her home...the Arctic Ocean.

Stay tuned as the nursery has received a wee note wrapped out of a diary from a Mistress Sanna who has begun her own new journey above the ocean.