Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Review: Fairy Houses ... Everywhere by Barry & Tracy Kane

Book Review ...

Fairy Houses ... Everywhere

Authors: Barry & Tracy Kane

Originally Published in 2006 by Light Beams Publishing
ISBN 10:097081044X   ISBN 13:9780970810441

"... just turn these pages and discover a world filled with whimsical habitats constructed from natural materials."

Filled with beautiful photos of faerie houses that have been build in the woodlands, on the beach, in meadows, in backyard gardens and in the air you are transported to a land that only those that believe in faeries can actually see. It is like when you are told to 'stop and smell the roses', faerie houses are just the same, they can hide in plain sight but once you spot one you are always on the lookout for more.

This book not only shows tiny homes but it gives you a chance to see how with just an acorn, or a seashell, or a feather or even a pretty leaf can be put to good use when building a house. As the words nature and faerie are synonymous with each other, it is easy to see how with just a bit of imagination anyone and everyone can construct a dwelling made for the wee folk. It doesn't stop with just houses though, Barry & Tracy bring to life full little villages including boats made of seedpods docked on a lake, apartment buildings made from tree trunks, mansions with individual rooms decorated with miniatures, to seasonal homes of pumpkins and snowy boughs. Truly an inspiration to all those that are young at heart.

You can purchase this book through your local bookstore or online through both Chapters/Indigo and Amazon. Be sure to check out the rest of The Fairy Houses Series®: Fairy Houses, Fairy Houses ... Unbelievable!: A Photographic Tour, Fairy Houses and Beyond!, Fairy Flight, Fairy Boat, Forest Secrets: A Fairy Houses Mystery, Ocean Secrets: A Fairy Houses Mystery No. 2 and Kristen's Fairy House DVD.

I purchased this book way back when I had started my Faerie Nursery in 2011 thinking it was a great place to start to look for ideas for my faeries. Now, thanks to this book, I have a whole line of faerie doors and garden nurseries which just happen to cary you off into a land of magic, imagination and enchantment.