Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On frilly note paper..

This is the message that the nursery received from one of the Mistress Sanna's that found a forever home away from the cold cold ocean. We always love to have updated and shared notes and even photos too...

"Hello My sweet caretaker,

Thank you so much for helping me come into this world of 2014. I find these fancy letter writers very interesting!! Michelle types for me, But I picked out everything, I wanted your letter to be extra special.

Michelle says you would like to see my room, and know if I am happy. Yes, my sweet friend, I am very happy here. They let me stay up as late as I want. I have my own t.v. And I have made new animal friends that play with me and sleep with me, and we even go on adventures together!!

I have a tray to help keep my furniture in place. A wonderful magic pool that my fish friend takes me on rides in. Sometimes we dive deep in the pool! You should see duckies face! When we dive deep, sometimes we come up in other places too. Saturday, we ended up in France! They place special rocks and shells around my pool, so I can sit by the waters edge, and brush my hair out. I even have a seashell seat! They also gave me special bottle of grooming lotion. It helps me clean myself, and softens my fair. They called it 'essence of water dragon' And boy is it a big bottle!!! I think it may last me a lifetime! In my pictures, you can see my bed, it is a paua shell, lined with hand embroidered sheets and pillow, and beside me, a little table made from a flower, with a bell on it, that I rend if I need anything! And of course my TV! I never saw anything like it, but it is fun watching people do silly things on it. Thank you again for my new family. They pamper me, and make me feel special. As time goes on, we may go places together, and send you pictures if you like. That way you can see how things are going. Would you like that? I miss you my friend, and all the sweet babies in the nursery too. Before I left, they gave me a small sac of fairy dust so I could have something of them with me no matter where I go. Tell them that I sprinkled my whole room with it, so that every where I look I remember them, could you please? Oh goodness, I am going to get , what did Michelle call it? Homesick again if I am not careful!  :) No matter how much I love them, I love you just as much. Be good to yourself! E-hugs!!!!
-- Mistress Sanna"