Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faerie Introduction...

As this is a VERY northern faerie nursery, located just above the 60th parallel...a new line of faeries are being introduced.

Living in the land of the Midnight Sun and then having the most amazing Aurora Borealis (northern lights) ever....the inspiration of having faeries that represented these two awe astounding wonders of nature that only happen in either the northern or southern hemispheres was just bound to happen.

Soooooo without further adieu coming soon to my website, I would like to introduce to you.....

The Aurora & Midnight Sun Faeries  

These faeries stand approximately 5.5" in height and their ballerina styled dresses can measure anywhere from 4-5" in width. The dresses resemble both the Midnight Sun and the Aurora Borealis in nature. Each faerie comes standing on a hickory slice that has been branded with the company icon, titled and has been numbered for collecting purposes. No two faeries will look alike as they are each made from hand here in the faerie nursery. They will come with their own numbered papers and will be packaged carefully from the nursery to your home. Please join me in welcoming these new faeries to the nursery.