Monday, August 31, 2015

Peeking Around the Corner

so, here we are...many many (too many) moons gone by since i have had a chance to chat with you.

to me, when starting a new line, i kinda forget that there is an actual outside, an outside of the nursery. i know that I get comments from hubby (almost daily) did you read about this? have you taken the time to take a look at the photos i sent on Facebook? what do you think about going to the town bar-b-que this Friday? are you all packed to go and meet your 5th grand baby (Jolene Julie)? did you feed the dogs (Fionn & Ciaran) their night time snacks? .... i'm thinking that you just might be getting the picture here.

i have figured out that i really do need to keep in contact but it seems though that when i do get distracted it takes me even longer to complete the project of the day that i had been busy doing in the first place. but i know, my mother told me that getting that bit of fresh air will actually clear my head for a clearer picture of what next needs to be done.  


i have convinced myself that .. here it comes .. another excuse ..

on the company's FaceBook page i created a photo album that i feel tells a bit (probably way more than what my intention was) of the up-coming result from my heart-felt journey of this newest line. A line that i can't wait to share with you. Oh, and plus, it just might prove that, yes, i have genuinely been working here in the nursery. 

hush  hush hush out of you .. now the cat-is-out-of-the-bag so to speak so please i ask you to remember that this posting was all just a mirage and that you will patiently wait a bit longer for the big reveal. 

great! now i have to go back and erase my Facebook album so they to can wait too (hopefully before any one sees or comments on the album)!

in case you end up missing it, i figure it would be best to share it with you now  ...

the sneak peek ..

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

and the time is Tuesday, August 11, 2015 @ 11:47 mdt



i'm really starting to think that they actually do go poof, memories that is.

glancing through my last few blog postings, did i just dream that i had written to you that i was going to start to do a blog posting along with updating either/both 'the thought' and 'the photo' tabs? huh, looks like i might have but i just can't find it.

even though these photo and quotes might not have anything to do with the nursery, faeries, flowers, or pretty things in general, i'm starting to think that i'm just doing things that happens to suits my fancy of that day. everything that just seems to pop into my noggin is what i share with you. not too sure if this exactly what i should be doing here, here on the blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on but it sure suits me.    :)

i'm thinking that i want to change the title of blog:
journal? nah, too formal.
diary? nah, too much like i'm hiding it in-between my mattresses.
notebook? nah. i think that there is a movie with this exact name.
chronicle? that so is not a nursery sounding title, so that is a resounding nah.
daybook? nope.
reminiscences? nope. as i don't figure that i will ever get to spell that word without the help of spellcheck that this one must become again, nope.
confession? well, nah.
memoir? getting way off topic here this isn't supposed to be about me but about faeries and the such, so nope.
well, figure i just might have to do a bit more research on this. how about i get back to you?  this thing about 'that fancy of the day' thing will kick in will help me chose the perfect title. since i absolutely love my saved to the desktop link '' i'm sure that i'll find a few more adjectives for titling this page.

okay, we have established that i have no memory. yes, we/you already know/knew that. but onto other topics. i have realized that 'the thought' page is up-to-date but then so far behind it's not funny.

okay, we have established that i have no memory. yes, we/you already know/knew that. but onto other topics. i have realized that 'the photo' page is so not up-to-date and that i really do have a lot of work to do,  like adding another 13 photos, to be exact, well as of this afternoon of Tuesday, August 11, 2015 @ 11:47 mdt. as i've been finding that i've been updating my Instagram account in the middle of the night, and that this is how i know that there will no more to share right now.

so i'm now off to do an update on 'the photo' tab so not only was this a weird blog post but it was about figuring out needs to be done to the tab pages, finding the perfect title for this action of writing and again that whole thing called 'memories'.

as with 13 photos there is no way that i am going to show them here, so do go and check out the photo's that i have/haven't share with you. if i happen to again fall behind, you can always find the latest pictures on the nursery's Instagram, Facebook and Flickr accounts.

be ready to be awed by my amazing talent, ha ha ha, of taking pictures and writing little snippets of poetry for them.

and well, that's it. i hope that all of your breathtaking memories bring a smile to your face today and tomorrow. as i know that mine do.