Friday, February 7, 2014

It's all about the look!

With the upcoming Fort Smith Annual Trade Show happening this April, I have been busy trying to figure out what I could do differently. You know, how to stand out, be noticed.

At last year's show, I was lucky enough to get a corner booth. Well, I thought I was lucky at the time. It turns out that having a corner booth allows people to converge on two sides of your tables and not just one. This would have been awesome if it was people that were interested in my faerie nursery but unfortunately, it was more like a gathering place to visit and catch up. I found that those that wanted to see what I had couldn't even get to my tables. I wasn't too happy in the end and knew that I would have to do something different.

So....I came up with an idea. Not sure if it will work or not but I'm going to give it a shot anyways.

When I came up with (okay, I had lots of help on this part) the background for my company. The stump, the grasses and flowers, the purple and pink sky and the little stepping stones that you had to take to come see the faeries...this allowed you to leave your world and enter mine. is my world. Everyone is welcome.

I now have a tent. It is a white indoor trade show tent that measures 10'x10' in size.
photo curtesy of
I have banners. These ones stand outside of the tent.
I purchased 3 8' long banners that I will put up on the outside walls of my tent.
I have 4 wall panels (well actually not yet, I am still working with a few manufactures but the design is ready. These panels will be hanging on the inside of the tent.
I have indoor/outdoor artificial grass carpet that will fit the full floor size of the tent.
photo curtsey of
I have my tablecloth (thinking about ordering another one but not right now) that matches the full theme.
I have hanging pink silk flowers/vines that will be attached to the rafters of my tent.
photo curtesy of eBay tiny heaven
I have twinkle lights (well, they are on order). I opted to go with just plain white ones so as not to take away from the feel.

I have carpeted cut out 'stones' that will be placed just outside of the tent for people to follow their way in.
photo curtesy of
I have table accessories including vases with flowers, more risers for my faeries to stand on and other goodies.

I am still looking for the following: music, candy and a defuser that I like.

So what do this all add up to?? I want everyone to feel like they have actually entered my faerie nursery. You will walk in and be with the faeries. No distractions.

I read that you should allow your visitors to experience the whole thing by using all of their senses. So that is my goal. I think that I have done pretty good so far.

What else could I do, for visitors to feel like they have stepped out of reality and come to my faerie nursery.

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas?