Friday, June 29, 2012

Parcels from Afar

It was a wonderful week for my Teacup Nurseries in the mail

Today, I received a 'care package' from my Mom :)  You know the day is always going to full of sunshine and smiles when there is mail from Mom!!

In my care package today, she sent me 9 beautiful china teacups. Stuffed all around those teacups are flower petals galore and more wonder yarn to for hair for the petal faeries.

Also arriving this week were more little houses, wee little flowers on wires, porcelain turtles, tiny bits of abalone, miniature rocks and the tiniest little fall leaves I have ever seen.


I can't wait to start getting these put together. I have come up with the best way to ship them as well.

Each individual Teacup Nursery sold will come with it's own matching petal faerie to the teacup. As well, you will get to create and decorate your own nursery. All the products will come in wee little plastic baggies so you can make it yourself. I will supply you a teacup with the floral foam already cut (once I perfect trying to judge how to cut it to fit!) and all the little goodies it will take to decorate it. As I am still collecting items I don't want to list them just yet, but soon :)