Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Yes, the Nursery really does feel like it is drowning. Oh, please do not get the wrong idea. I do realize that with spring breakup it is not uncommon to have flooding. In fact with living in the north for ummm I have no idea how long (hiding the actual age of this faerie)...I know that flooding every spring is not an abnormal thing to happen. Where the nursery is currently situated this is the first year that I have seen any type of flooding (I think that the current Nursery's location is going onto its 6th year anniversary this fall). Unfortunately our neighbours have seen the wrath of earth's.. 'don't forget, you are here but I was here first'... Mind you when I think back to even this past summer, it has been one of those in-the-book to remember fire season. I will admit that I really do not know the size of the Belgium but from what I have heard (hint .... I know personally because of hubby's job)..that the NWT burnt almost that whole land mass size... but in case you would like to know yourself...their official website is

Onto the whole drowning part of this update...

You know how you start a project and you KNOW that it will take more than one moon to complete, actually a few moons to complete, okay lots of those moons to complete, okay now, shall I just be many moons that I lost count of moons?

And so because of those missing moons it has come to my attention that I have forgotten some things along the way! Now, as I have not been paying attention to those other projects, I am really not up-to-date with that production area of the nursery..yes, I can and do multi-task quite well..but this project isn't one of those that you can concentrate or at least give it your all (which is not how I work).

So, I will resume my 'Thought of the Day' postings but for now I think that I will have to rename it to be the 'Random Thought of the This Week'..

ps....this whole project thingy...well it will effect the nursery across all's a really big whole project thingy.

So without further ado...please stay tuned for the 'Random Thought of the Week' quote and graphic.