Monday, March 28, 2011

3 in 1!!

A triple wammy at the post office today :)

I will update all three parcels on this one post (laziness, is almost my bed time!).

Parcel #1.... from megacharms (ebay). As this vender sells their items in bulk I thought to save money this would work perfectly. I order two sets of 25 of both the beehive and the pear charms. The beehives are exactly the same as from my previous order (different vendor). The pears on the other hand are just weeeeeee tiny things. Not sure at this stage of the game if they will be usable for the wine glass charms or not.


The I have attached a picture of the new 'baby' pears and then one with the original pear for a comparison. As you can see, they are very tiny!

The next parcel was the Eggplant ribbon from balsacircle (ebay). As expected it is quite a bit darker than the Plum ribbon but in all fairness the Plum ribbon is sheer. When held together in the sunlight the outer edge of the Plum ribbon is really close to the same shade as the Eggplant. Final decision, I love the Eggplant ribbon and it goes fantastically with the sheer Plum I will buy both!! Now as I haven't been able to find the Eggplant ribbon in anything else but a double sided satin, I might go and try to get a wider size (this one is 1/16 of an inch). I have only attached photos of the two styles of ribbon together, as the Eggplant remains to look almost black when photographed.

The final parcel that came in today was....the scrapbooking paper from mch1069 (ebay). I am really pleased with it (though I wished it was not a matte finish). I did go ahead and order the last two sets that were available (prior to this parcel arriving) as the colour and style are now out of print. I think that the paper will make a wonderful addition to the whole marketing scheme as it does have both the Eggplant (and Plum) and Antique Gold colourings on it. 

All in all....a wonderful day to check the mail. I must say that with the exception for the size of the wee little pear charms I am thoroughly happy with all of my purchases.