Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank you for dropping in to visit my Faerie Nursery

Not exactly sure how I could have missed this little drop down arrow that is located on my business page for Facebook under the 'See Likes' column!!

I have tried to acknowledge everyone that drops in and 'likes' my page personally but now all of a sudden I have missed so many wonderful businesses and I feel terrible.

I have now gone through the entire list and gone to each page and 'liked' them personally using this message....

Thank you so much for visiting my Faerie Nursery. I have 'liked' your page back and posted a link of this page on my latest blog posting

I came to the decision that instead of listing everyone off on Facebook that instead I will list them here with the link so if you feel so inclined, you can visit them as well..which would be really really nice of you..wink wink!!

Whimsical What Knots 

Mary Herrig Fiber Arts

Kiwi the Faerie

Butterfly Boutique

Grin, Grimace & Squeak


Fairy Mom: Helping you create a Fairy Magical place for your kids

The Sewing Sprite

My Creative Soul

Kolors of Earth Jewelry

Ina Sahaja

Irish Fairy Craft



Crow's Crossing

Witch path forward

The Domestic Witch

Lia-San's Atelier

Thank you to each and everyone of you for visiting.