Monday, February 21, 2011

Pez Faeries

They have arrived. James sent me 12 Disney Faerie Pez Dispensers. Now as these were a little more money I felt they were still cute and I should have some. I will admit though as to not being too current on my Disney Faeries! The only one I know is Tinkerbell. So in case you aren't familiar with them either I have researched all of their names and who they are.

This is Rosetta....she is a Garden Faerie. She likes buttercup soup and roses. She is sweet but sassy.

This is Fawn....she is an Animal Faerie. She likes melted acorn butter and tiger lilies. She is a rough-and-tumble tomboy who can speak every animal language, her favourite being Toad!

This of course is Tinkerbell....she is a Tinker Faerie (aka a Pots-and-Pans Faerie). She likes silverbells and coming up with cool inventions. She is known for being sassy, feisty and fun loving.

This is Iridessa....she is a Light Faerie. She likes sunflowers and lemon meringue pie. She can be known as bit of a worry wart and she likes order.

This is Silvermist...she is a Water Faerie and she likes water chestnuts. She is known for being sweet, silly and sympathetic.

And this young fello is Terence....he is a Dust Keeper, his favourites include strawberry cake and morning glories. He is kind and enthusiastic.