Friday, October 31, 2014

The Perfect Day

I'm not sure if it is by complete coincidence of the true nature and meaning behind the lore of Fae, behind the traditions of today and the weekend of a new time. What an amazing day, what an amazing weekend, this is!!

Shall we start at the beginning....

As in today's 'Thought of the Day' graphic, evil, well no, that's not quite correct in the definition...I bare with me..I'm getting to it). The Seelie Court has just a bit of evil to it, and I guess you could say that the Unseelie Court has just a bit more evil, possibly a whole lot more than just a bit, evil attached to this group (oh come on know that this 'just a bit' of evil in no way, shape or form truly describes this court)., please do forgive me, as this information is pulled from so many sources, that I can't really quote any one of them as I have jumbled all of the words into my own, please do not bother scrolling down to the bottom as there are no footnotes included....

Let's try to explain a few things....

There are possibly 6, but knowing faeries, there will technically be an inexhaustible limit to the courts within the realms of fae but there are 6 that seem to have withstood the test of time and are still quite known today. This part I have found to be a little bit strange to me, as the information that I was able to garner really only spoke of 4 major courts...but who am I to say anything, particularly anything that I really know nothing about!!

Onto the definitions...I know get on with it already...there are still 2 other topics on today's agenda to talk about....

Fae Courts....

The Seelie Courts:

Summer - these faeries are possibly the nicest of all, well to your face that is as they can be or probably more so a bit on the fiery side. Fiery side? Well, you know how the sun during this time is at its brightest, the warmest, the ice tea (for those of you that prefer something a bit stronger, I will add in coolers and even though it is not my cup of tea (ha, ha, ha) a bottle of beer being cracked open that can be heard throughout the land), the time for barbecues, lounging around by the pool/ocean/water in general, the time of the full blooming for the flowers...Okay you get the drift...this particular court is the epitome of summer, but just as some days can be soooo friggin' (sorry for swearing but that is the best definition) hot and can be the faeries. I'm not sure if the heat is what gets to them but remember that fiery side I mentioned earlier....well so can their tempers be, hence the LESS evil of the groups.

Spring - okay, so I'm doing these out of order...just note that I can do this as it is me telling the story there! This court of course represents the spring season...dah, bet you didn't figure that out on your own now did ya'. This court can be called the calmest of them all. It is not too hot or not too cold for that is just right, (not trying to make any reference at all to the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears') but hey, if it helps with the analogy of this paragraph than so be it. Everything is just right, literally, the porridge, the chair and the finally the bed. Think that should pretty well sum up this court!

The next Court is The Unseelie (and I suppose you already have figured out who these guys are)!! (smarty likes a know-it-all):

Autumn - the time of change, the time of death, the time of dancing around the campfire. These are the worker bees of the hive. They are the collectors of the honey, okay enough with the references to outside stories or behaviours. Sitting back on the rocking chair, smoking that long pipe, listening to the fiddle music (not my personal favourite type of music, but I degress again), thanking the 'gods' above that the pesky little ones are finally going back to school, watching the sun sink below the horizon with its fantastic orange colours, oh and how could I forget....doing the cannonball jumps in the raked up leaf pile. There is no tea on the menu tonight but more the warmed hot buttered rum apple cider (spiked with a bit of rum, okay, perhaps more like a 75/25 split, yes that being the rum at the 75 percentage as who wants just an apple flavouring in the mug...mind you...I might like mine without the rum part but with the 75% being the hot buttered flavouring), I know in the latter part of this season you can purchase eggnog (but then again, when did it become the norm to have Christmas trees and potential gifts all ready in the isles at shopping malls), mulled wine with cranberries..(yummy) and even hot chocolate with those wee marshmallows that float on top from the package (I've heard but don't quote me on this...they really aren't marshmallows..but who really wants to know this fact/fiction). So to sum this court up, they are the wild bunch that really is calmest of the all!

Winter: the time of freezing your butt off, getting your tongue stuck on that metal light post, snow ball fights, the building of igloos, the....oh wait, this is the human race I'm talking about now! Besides it being to darn (did you all see that...I substituted the word darn instead of the harsher word, the not so polite, the word you wouldn't say in front of your Granny...damn...of crap...there I typed it out anyways)...I know, me bad...the faeries made me do it...seeeee...just like I mentioned above the MORE, possibly EVEN MORE evilest of the courts. 'nough about this group as I think you can probable fill in the blanks after the words 'more, possibly even more evilest' of the courts....

So here, it the graphic....

p.s. I ran out of room on this blog posting so you will just have to wait for the next topic being typed out a bit later on in the don't get your panties tied in a knot....I promise to be back later (yes, I know...promises, promises!!).

p.s.s. Yes, this is the same graphic that I will be putting up on the 'Thought of the Day' tab, so don't feel obligated to changing pages, as I would hate to make you work any harder today than necessary.

p.s.s.s See I told you there would be no quotational footnotes!! SEE!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Release?

As I have had not much umph for creating over this past summer and I have sooo many interesting creations, different designs and even a full new line of faeries...I promise that they will slowly start to be released over the next few weeks.

Now, I do know that I have missed my prime goal of having these wee ones ready for the holiday gift giving season but you know what, faeries are faeries, they don't conform to what we humans call a calendar. They just are! Faeries are like mysterious critters that just show up. They don't have a need for a time schedule! Now I am sure that some faeries are very notorious and very precise in their ways that really do need some type of a watch but I am sure that it doesn't resemble anything like what we humans use. This in itself is what makes faeries still an enigma. They have their world, one that when they want to, they share with us. Perhaps only through misty apparitions. Perhaps through sleepy dreams. Perhaps through a sentence that came out not at all how it should have. Perhaps by stealing away 'time' in your busy day by not letting you focus on anything.

So with that all said....this first limited Holiday Edition 2014 - Candy Cane is ready to finally be shown. She has been playing here in the nursery for a few weeks already but she has her own timetable, one that even I cannot mess with. Faeries are Faeries!

Introducing Candy Cane...

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Thoughts and The Photos

For the week of October 20-24, 2014

Authors this week include:
Eloisa James, Audrey Hepburn, Nick Harkaway, Charliane Harris and P.J. Roscoe

Topics were for the most part very humorous, well except for today's was a nice one to end the week off on. We go all the way from gingerbread to fairy tales to ninjas, disposing of human all the way to remembering wonder.

I did have a good chuckle while posting these silly ones this week. Some days it is just nice to stop thinking of all of the busy things that are happening around us as every moment of everyday. It is hard to just stop. To close off your mind. To close off electronics..okay, but do this one after you have read this blog posting...please. To close off your worries. Perhaps we all just need that gentle reminder that it is okay to laugh. This laugh doesn't have to be in your 'outside' voice. This laugh can be done as simply as a smile. But truth be known, a smile goes a lot farther than a laugh. A smile is contagious (well so can a laugh be if you have one of this absolutely from the belly types), long lasting, something that can be shared with friends and strangers. So go as some of these 'Thoughts'....share a part of you that everyone can relate to.

I think the one that stands out the most is the quote for Audrey Hepburn. When you think of an iconic figure, and by all means they do not have to be in the acting profession, I am always amazed and humbled when you realize they are people too. People like you and I. People that still do the same similar things that I do in a day. People who have feelings, inner turmoil, friends, family, recognition for a job well done and of the course the most important one of them all...they just need to be loved. This need is ground into our minds, our hearts, our souls. What would we be without it? What would you be without the need to be loved?

'The Photo'

The nursery has been lucky enough to have an extended autumn this year. Even though most of the leaves have fallen off the trees there is still a colourful ground cover that can be seen. Most of the mornings have still included watching the dew drops glistening without being frozen yet. It is not normally until high noon before things start to melt but the water drops on the leaves can still be seen without ice crystals beginning to form. Another anomaly for this time of year is fog? The past couple of days have been quite unique and very fascinating. With the sky being greyed out and not being able to see down the road at some moments it certainly does bring an eerie feeling. The thing that I can relate to this site is when the forest fires of the summer bring linger smoke across the land (sometimes not so lingering but your own backyard!). With this being October 24 it sure would be cool if this weather pattern stuck around for lets say exactly one more week! Who needs a smog/smoke machine for Halloween when nature has provided the perfect backdrop for that spooky look.

And our final note for this week is the reminder that 'The Thought' will be back here on Monday, October even wee faeries need some down time as well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Expedition of a Faerie Prince!

It is always such a privilege when I find out that one of my wee faeries has been picked for an Etsy Treasury.

I was sent an email yesterday informing me that Faerie Prince Cameron has made the front page! Such exciting news for such a wee little guy.

This is his story...

Faerie Prince Cameron is somewhat of a mystery here in the nursery. he showed up on a clear and sunny day this winter, which really isn't a strange occurrence but it is when he had brought with him that leaves us all wondering how on earth he found this far-away northern nursery. In his acorn basket, Prince Cameron is carrying an Amber Drop Cone which after doing our homework, we found out comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States? He has flown a long long long way to arrive here in our nursery.

He is sporting a soft silver coloured body with a rich olive green coloured cotton floss. Matching silvery translucent wings, an acorn cap and basket made from an acorn top with an amber drop cone nestled inside.

I would like to thank Annafaerie for her Treasury of True Fairy #940. Interesting gifts for different occasions. 

Erosion can only bring the old to new light

As there are always things that are evolving here at the nursery...perhaps not actually evolving...more like...I love change. Well, that should be rephrased....I love change on my terms. Example...when growing up, I was the one that would change the bedroom around at least once a week. Why you ask? Because I could! This habit in a way has never left me. I love to change and move furniture, decor and well pretty much all of a room to this day. And, isn't it strange that both of my children, particularly my son, do the same?

So to continue on with the original thought...change here in the nursery of course due to space, table, shelving and well everything has really limited and stymied this habit...which isn't a good thing! so instead I have taken this 'need' and funnelled it to my on-line presence instead.

I'm  not sure if some of the last month or two changes here on the blog you will have noticed but this last week in particular has seen some dramatic updates. Of course, the phone call has been put through to Shawn, the nursery's website guru, to just tweak the background, okay, I will admit it...this whole coding part of which I have no clue on how to do....and okay, I will admit it....I'm kinda not allowed to touch as I am the type to do big oooop's that take a few more that just a couple of minutes to fix! Example...just like with everything else to do with the nursery...I do not care for disorder...that even goes towards my iMac's desktop! And ummm.....well, I had decided that there was this really UGLY icon on my desktop that for some reason I was unable to off it went into the trash. So ummm...yeah, that was my hard drive, my operating system, ummm the umph of the computer! And well, this wee little icon movement caused a few phone calls to Apple Helpline and more than a few calls from my son to try to retrieve it. Hence....I am not/do not add or delete any icons from my desktop without permission from my son and ummm....I really doubt it if with this knowledge in hand, would Shawn appreciate me getting behind the scenes into this whole coding changes/updates that he has worked so hard to put into place.

There are still a few small and some quite dramatic changes/updates that will be happening over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that they will improve the look and feel without losing, hampering or compromising the actual look of this blog so it doesn't lose the coherence and flow from one site to another.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Unconventional Thought Process of the Modern Day Faerie

A bit of a background for you....

My resume is actually quite a good one (if I say so myself)....

Work history.... hmmmm which direction am I supposed to start from...
Mother...still doing that but that started only 28 almost 29 years ago
Grandmother...still doing that but started only 4 years ago
Executive Assistant to 2 mayors and 1 First Nation's chief
Payroll Officer
Human Resources Officer
Utilities Officer
Nursing Assistant

My references include 2 mayors, 3 senior administrative officers, 1 First Nation's chief and 1 director of finance....

To the NOW part....

I am/are a/an Faerie Amma aka Amma Emm

My nickname that has had actually many versions including (and not excluding)...Emme, Emma...with finally ending up with the shortest possible Emm..oh except I did have someone call me em and em (which upon their retirement gave me a bag of *M&M's)

To continue on...

The Icelandic version of Grandmother is that was quite a natural evolvement. Amma in mythology means Mother okay...YAY...that sounds pretty awesome to me! But technically there is a bit of history to that story as well...I had a girlfriend (I'm sorry to say that we have parted ways and not on a happy note at all) that had given me a white polka dotted pink coffee mug...this mug had the following words... 'Goddess, formally Princess'....thus the quite natural evolvement to Amma (note...this mug is now 26 years old...and sad to say has a wee bit of a crack just starting at the top)...PLEASE SEE BELOW...

Now back to the original title of this blog (I know you knew that I would get there eventually).

Back in the days (listed above), I knew without even thinking how to prioritize no matter which position I held. It just seemed to come quite natural. Something that I would sometimes even boast about (no, not me!!).

But (there always is a but, especially in my blog postings) that I am Faerie Amma...well now that I work out of my home with a full time position of making faeries, playing with flowers, paints, fimo, glue, stickers, beads...okay list can and does go on it seems like forever...

Oh, and before I forget...I still organize everything here in the nursery...flower petals are in baggies, first by size and then by colour. If there is only one flower petal of one size or colour it still gets it own baggies (yes, I do keep the baggie companies in business). And that of course is just the beginning, every wooden bead has its own container, all of the miniatures are divided by holiday, beads and charms have all of their own compartments, organza bags are all done by colour and then size...even the thread for my sewing machine and serger.....

Oh, and before I forget..the most important job of all...being a Mom...and every night when my kids went to bed..I would organize their **Lego! And to top it all would never be done the same way night by colour, the next by shape, the next by size...okay point has been given.

My dilemma now is that I have NO clue how to prioritize anything? Something that has come to me so naturally all of my life...has gone POOF! And I mean POOF, even with a puff of smoke...mind you it was a pretty shade of purple...but still a POOF!!

I sit here, either at the computer or at the work table with no timetable, no schedule, no nothing. It all comes down I feel like creating today or is just not that type of day....(hint, hint..this wasn't one of those days). And then the same goes for here at the I work on all of the photos, do I blog (hint, hint...this was one of those days), do I work on the 'Thought of the Day' project (hint, hint..this was one of those days) or do I run around taking Instagram photos? I forgot to add in, I've taken to drying and pressing flowers out of the garden (mind you, those days have sorrily come to an end with the winter season now almost upon us).

So hmmmm....what to do, what to do??  I know what!! I'll blog and take a picture of my 'Goddess (formally Princess)' mug!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The 'Thoughts'

For the week of October 13-17, 2014

Authors this week include:
Lita Burke, Awwthentic and William Butler Yeats

Topics were kind of all over the place as well!
The sizing up faeries in Ireland, finding faeries, unicorns, dull worlds and beautiful smiles. It seems as well that I doubled up on both Awwthentic and Yeats quotes...I guess that they must have had special meanings this week.

Well this week was both the final sneak peeks and then finally the introduction of our first Holiday Limited Edition Faerie - Candy Cane. Surprisingly enough, this faerie seems to love the camera? I wished that I had more photos to share but she is still busy in the photo sets? Go figure...this one has a fascination with her candy cane striped dress that she just can't stop spinning around. I sure hope that she doesn't eventually fall over!

The rest of the week, well I tried to capture the happier parts of our northern Nursery and its first snowfall (okay, I will admit that this is not the first one for this winter as we have had snow every month this year!!) but this one I doubt will go away and is now here to stay. We still have wee pansies that are weighted down with so much sticky snow that they are trying their best to still show their colours. The next photo was one from our local bird feeder which wasn't exempt from the warm weather that over night of course plummeted...this left everything with a wonderful icy look to everything (unfortunately that meant the same for our sidewalks and roads turning everything to a pretty sheen of black ice).

I am sure that I will be able to finally the grab the camera or at least the memory card, now wouldn't that be terribly sneaky of me....Candy Cane can continue swirling with the camera pointed at her but there just won't be any 'film' in it....this should give me time to upload the photos that have already been taken and I hope to work on those over the weekend.

On that note...'The Photo' and the 'The Thought' will be back on Monday :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Candy Cane

Well, this week certainly has been a busy one here at the nursery. A new Faerie has arrived and with the cold winds of winter she brings a bit of warmth and a whole lot of mischief!

Introducing Holiday Edition 2014 - Candy Cane

I certainly do love the photo of her from up above as she looks just like one of the Christmas candies that are red and white striped!

Now, I haven't had time to take her professional shots yet, but who could resist just showing a few Instagram photos that have already been posted.

Don't you think she looks just like a candy or maybe even a red glitter poinsettia?

p.s. Please remember that she is a VERY Limited Edition with only 10 available for this season.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Week of October 6 - 10, 2014

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the week of October 6 - 10, 2014!!

The Quotes for this week have been from...
William O'Brien, 'Peter, Enchantment and Stardust: The Poems'
Awwthentic, 'The Prince and The Fairy'
Lucy Aisy
M. F. Moonzajer, 'A moment with God; Poetry'
Kailan Gow, 'Bitter Frost'

The Instagram postings for this week have been of...
Our new packaging
Holiday Edition

I am happy to say that our Website, Flickr and Pinterest pages have updated as well. I have opted to know type out the whole quote instead of just the author's name where noted. I even found out that on Flickr that you can add key words!! Granted, I did have difficulties figuring out what 'Tags' to use but I did manage to get a few in. I am presuming though, that I should start updating our Google+ page with these postings as well? All in due time I guess!! And of course, these 'Thoughts of the Day' will be posted once again on our Facebook page. For now, all of our impromptu Instagram photos are automatically put on our Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Being Back But It Seems Like I Never Left?

Once again, the company's Facebook page has been re-opened I guess that might be the right wording to use?

I guess when you leave you hope to come back to a clean slate...sigh...unfortunately everything is exactly where I left it.

Previously one of the reasons that I had left, besides not being appreciated so to say about my art...were all of the 'false' likes that had started 'following' my page. Now, granted some of these I might have invited myself by joining sites that shared your pages with others but there is no way that I could have done all of these 2715!

I did notice though that when I put on freebies or a giveaway...and even ones that I had actually paid to have advertised, there were only a handful of entries from people that I even knew, some had been on my page previously and most/all people that had entered were out for  'the free buck' so to say.

With all of the above reasons I shut down Facebook altogether. I gave my closing date...even said goodbye. I did postings for almost 2 weeks on how everyone...anyone (please) could keep in touch, follow along, maybe even leave a comment or two.

Well, that all completely fell through! I had one or two FB friend's that followed our Instagram account, oh wait...those one or two also had visited here as well...and well ummm....ummm... ummm....Can you understand now why I felt the need to just go away?

I think perhaps the best way to deal with all of this nonsense is that I might look into just starting a new page? That might help, so to say...weed out those that aren't interested in my Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery.

As of today, well...maybe this weekend...this will be my goal. What is the point of having 2715 'like's' when I don't exist anyways?

Now, for those of you that have taken the time to listen, to read, to look at all of the pretty pictures, have visited our Website, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Tweeter, Pinterest...well you get the idea...thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Actually, I don't think I can ever say thank you enough.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Introduction of a Lost Clay Potter??

Well it seems that there is an never ending surprises that happen here at the nursery.

Over the weekend there was a wee knock on the door.  Now if this was summer time or even very late spring this would not have been something that doesn't happen on a regular basis...but with it now being nippy outside with even snowflakes falling gracefully from the sky I was actually quite concerned and questioned who on earth could be outside on this wintery day??

Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes...there was a Faerie standing there just a shivering away. I asked her right away to come in to warm up by the pellet stove and then I ran off to make a pot of sweet tea for her.

After she was settled in and rocking away on one of the comfy chairs she began to tell her story all the while emptying her bag of the many treasures that she had collected on her way.

Here she was a Clay Potter that had been swooped up by a westwardly wind and she couldn't find her way back. Thankfully she found a yellow breasted grosbeak that new the way to the nursery...and now here she is!

As I hadn't even known that there were any more Clay Potters out there she definitely was a beautiful surprise and a wonderful addition to the group.

Once she was all able to get up and bit more back to normal she asked if she could introduce herself to the others. I wasn't too sure what she had in mind but I told her I would do anything to help her out.

Then she ran off with Faerie Bosh to help her in the kitchen. Hmmm what was she up to?

So here is here introduction....please meet Faerie Edie...

Here is a close up of Faerie Edie

What a stunning dress!

And with Faerie Bosh's help...she offered every one a bit of  yummy strawberry shortcake  and a cup of  sweet tea? She then started to sing away with a most beautiful voice that I have ever heard.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Promise Fulfilled?


Oh no not the Yay that you are thinking of sorry not that this week is over either....but that it is time that I get to share with you the postings that were made both through the 'Thought of the Day' and Instagram updates for the week of September 29th through October 3rd, 2014.....

'Thought of the Day'

A. E. Housman, William Butler Yeats, Eleanor Roosevelt, Luna Lindsey and Jarod Kintz.


Faerie Goddess and the touch of Old Man Winter

If you wish to check them can scroll up a bit to the menu bar and there they are right there...
The Thought and The Photo

Enjoy   :)

p.s. please note that these postings do not include weekends

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Personal Leap

I had mentioned on this blog a few day before that I was learning so many things that lie silently behind the scene to only once in awhile to bare its face.

Oh, about a lifetime ago I worked in a flower shop. To say my creativeness 'bloomed' is an understatement. I was so happy working in the front where I dealt with flowers and people but then I got a chance to start working in the back. Ordering flowers and then actually going to the local suppliers to pick and choose which flowers I would need for the next few days was a real eye opening process. I could actually see a warehouse filled with every colour, every shape, every kind of flower imaginable...and then every cost to them!

After about 6 months of being on both sides of the table (or at least I had figured that was all there was to it) I was offered the opportunity to buy right out the whole flower shop. Now being in a very well established area and having an amazing clientele and that the owner had been the original and so the shop had a fantastic rating and profile. With this all being in mind, I did up my whole proposal, business plan along with financing requirements in order to go in for a loan. After that intense but successful exercise I ended up having an epiphany! There is so much more than what I knew to run a small business.

Off to school I go, granted in my 30's but still young enough to not take for granted the ability to learn. I ended up with my diploma in business management with an accounting background. Now I figured with all of the education I had enoug
h to arm myself to see if I was ready to go it alone.

And of course, after a 3 year program the little shop that I had wanted in the beginning and lead me to this point in life had been sold. Sigh.

Off onto another adventure. I ended up with 7 years of experience being in council chambers and working side by side with a mayor and SAO (senior administrative officer). This was the best job and life that I had up that point in my life.

With a few years in-between then and now, life has taken me down many paths with so my curves and one-way roads that I have now ended up here.

Where is here? Here is in my wee nursery working with faeries. I can't imagine doing anything else anymore (of course eventually I will want/need to get back into the workforce).

So after all that has been said and done one of the newest gifts that I have been able to learn from and on my own is graphic designing. Prior to now I have always resourced this part of the company to an amazing friend but then as life goes on, she moved away to another area that we could only talk to each other through the phone, email and messaging.

For now, this is the story behind where I came from and where I am now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Into the KNOWN Wild Blue Yonder

Do you ever get the feeling that you that you have to do something in order to do what you need to do?

I have sat here for almost 3 weeks looking at my work table that is still scattered with stuff that I have either never bother to unpack, display or just plain and simple put away!

But that isn't even the worst of it yet!!

I know that once I clear and clean off my massive 1.2m x 1.2m (4'x4' ) table that I really will have to not only do something productive with both my time and energy but that I will have/need to start getting creating again.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

I love being creative. It's in my bones. It's in my head. It's in my heart. The difference here is that in essence I have/need to be creative.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

This next Line of Faeries truly inspires me. Excites me. Is part of me. I have purchased absolutely everything that I require/need to make/create these Faeries. Everything is separated into their own pretty coloured cloth boxes and rubbermaids just waiting for me. Calling to me. Even whispering to me.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

I so really want to get these Faeries done by the holiday gift giving and craft shows. I think though that I have missed my international shipping time for any of my Faerie creations in order to reach their destination in time to be wrapped and opened. This is such a massive hurt/blow to me as I was really counting on, well let's face it...for more sales.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

Since I have shut down my Facebook page I know that I have missed out on the largest looking/shopping opportunity. Promoting my website, blog and even my e-commerce pages is way harder than I had expected. Well, actually I know that I was throwing myself under the bus but I needed to take a break.

Now, please do not get me wrong any means!!

I have tried relentlessly to promote my wee company. To get seen. to not fall behind on what I need to do. I do know however that I made these massive changes and transformations since I knew that I would be away from the nursery for almost three and half weeks. Trying to keep up remotely would have both been way too time consuming and well, let's face it....not the type of vacation that I truly needed.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

I didn't want to be away from the nursery. I needed to be away mentally and physically. Anyone of you that run a small home based business knows that it takes about 7-10 hours a day. Yes, this is way longer than a full time job. These are the sacrifices that need to be done. This in itself takes everything that you have. Everything that you want to do outside of the business. Everything that you want to do socially un-business related. Everything that you call a personal life. These all get interrupted and/or cut short.

Now, please do not get me wrong by any means!!

Since leaving work (and not by choice), loosing your independence (I am no longer cleared to fly or to drive a vehicle), to being in the house all day with only three critters to keep you company and well, to talk to. When I was a Mom at home with two children this scenario was quite different. Yes, I was still home alone (technically), I did have the ability to fly and drive (but I'll admit somedays just wasn't worth the effort) and when I was talking essentially at least I was teaching (hoping) to teach my children a few life experiences.

Now, please do not get me wrong any means!!

I do promise myself (and you) that the cleaning of my table will start. My head has rested. My body has rested. My heart has rested. Everything else can be called my creativeness and it too have been rested. It is time for me to become Faerie Amma once again.