Friday, October 10, 2014

Being Back But It Seems Like I Never Left?

Once again, the company's Facebook page has been re-opened I guess that might be the right wording to use?

I guess when you leave you hope to come back to a clean slate...sigh...unfortunately everything is exactly where I left it.

Previously one of the reasons that I had left, besides not being appreciated so to say about my art...were all of the 'false' likes that had started 'following' my page. Now, granted some of these I might have invited myself by joining sites that shared your pages with others but there is no way that I could have done all of these 2715!

I did notice though that when I put on freebies or a giveaway...and even ones that I had actually paid to have advertised, there were only a handful of entries from people that I even knew, some had been on my page previously and most/all people that had entered were out for  'the free buck' so to say.

With all of the above reasons I shut down Facebook altogether. I gave my closing date...even said goodbye. I did postings for almost 2 weeks on how everyone...anyone (please) could keep in touch, follow along, maybe even leave a comment or two.

Well, that all completely fell through! I had one or two FB friend's that followed our Instagram account, oh wait...those one or two also had visited here as well...and well ummm....ummm... ummm....Can you understand now why I felt the need to just go away?

I think perhaps the best way to deal with all of this nonsense is that I might look into just starting a new page? That might help, so to say...weed out those that aren't interested in my Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery.

As of today, well...maybe this weekend...this will be my goal. What is the point of having 2715 'like's' when I don't exist anyways?

Now, for those of you that have taken the time to listen, to read, to look at all of the pretty pictures, have visited our Website, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Tweeter, Pinterest...well you get the idea...thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Actually, I don't think I can ever say thank you enough.

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  1. I am not "twitterpated", only pins I use are when I am sewing (or have a button fly off), and I am "Instagram" when I see my grandkids :) So I am glad you are here and on FB again ;)