Friday, March 18, 2011

Sugarplum Faerie Pendant Components

Slowly but surely, all the little bits and pieces are arriving to make the Sugarplum Faerie pendants.

Today from Moonbaby1962 (ebay) I received the little silver caps and a string of very soft pink imitation pearl beads. Unfortunately I think the pearls will be too big for this project....but no worries, they will get used :)

A work in progress....

Leading a CHARMED life

Okay, now I am definitely going to need a work bench in a 'cat' free zone for all of these beads.

This is what was in today's parcel from moonbaby1962 (ebay).

I do believe I now have all the hoops that will be needed to complete this years wine glass charms. As this particular supplier did not have any more silver hoops I decided to purchase a few packages of the gold as well.

I also received the seed beads for this project. I decided to go with the jewel-toned beads...why...cause I like them better than the pastels :)

And as a little bonus from the seller....