Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Check List!

My Check List for this weekend seems to have gone POOF. And not POOF in a necessarily good way!!

Besides the basic household chores that need to be done on the weekend (might I add here, that I got all of them finished) but the company ones that you just really don't want to start on a week night when you only have those few precious hours.

1. paint trinket chest....hmmmm well, I now 12 lined up on the painting table :) That's a start right?? And hey, two of those actually have the hardware taken off of them ;)

2. hang new flowers/vines from the rafters.....hmmmm well, after fighting and almost stabbing myself in the eye by numerous wayward flying staples from the staple gun, I am happy to announce that this chore got DONE. So while standing tip top on top of the chair, I also hung the rest of the second order of crocheted humming birds that I ordered from Stefanie at Fayard Hand-made Crafts on Etsy. These little critters are so cute.....she puts wire in their wings so they look like they are in flight. I have them hanging everywhere from the flowers and green vines. I have another 20 on order somewhere on their way here in the mail.

3. put new mini's away.....DONE. Took another trip to the local Field's store to buy more little snap lid containers but my work table is once again cleaned off and ready for production to start.

4. other stuff.....

a) set up the new iMac....I think this stage now completed for the most part. My son is still tweaking        with the little things.

b) hang the birthday card I got from my boss...DONE This has got to be one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen. Made by Reuben McHugh and titled: Dusty Blue Delphinium. This is a French Joyeux Anniversaire card that has a purple faerie kneeling on a pedestal covered in sparkly purple/blue delphiniums. And with the nursery being done in perfect could this card be. I was able to find his personal website but unfortunately he does not have my little card listed under his portfolio. If you care to do a search though, you can find her under images and looking for Fairies of Venice (I do not want to infringe on his copyright, so I will leave the search to you). His website is: The Fairies of Venice

c. finished off another good portion of the graphics that I needed Alyssa to complete. Now just to get them all printed.

d. brag about the new ad in the Faerie World Magazine :)  I was able to be chosen for a full page portfolio as well and they have been showing my ad through their Facebook page. Pretty cool to see you name live!

And that's about it for this weekend. Sure wanted to get a whole lot more done but oh well :)