Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress...not bad for a Saturday morning!

So....I now have on order 12 Disney faerie Pez dispenser and 12 more nutcracker Klik dispensers from James. He has already got the package down to the post office!

Rebecca just confirmed that I will have 96 (48 of each) nutcracker and faerie duckies in the mail by the end of the week.

I will work on the nail decals tomorrow :)

Nutcracker Klik's

Wow, well that was fast. James from 'price3264' has already confirm my purchase for another 12 Nutcracker Klik's :)

He also mentioned that he has the Disney Faerie's in a Pez Dispenser. Now as these are not technically the Sugar Plum Faerie.....they are faeries though! I am seeing what he is willing to offer me for a price on purchasing 12 of them :)

Well James just got back to me! He has dropped the price in HALF! I will place my order for them as well.

Update.....I am expanding!

Well it has been officially decided that I am going to expand on this whole Christmas theme idea.

After speaking with friends and family....I am going to try to sell my little gift bags to the general public.

I am currently figuring out what all to include and how to go about it as now the rules will have changed due to Health codes and all that jazz.

As I still had a few items left over from last year...I will be using all three themes for this year. A Partridge in a Pear Tree; The Sugar Plum Faerie and The Nutcracker Prince. I will make 12 of each style and see how it goes. Any left over bags will be offered again next year as I guess it is only my family/friend ones that I need to update each year :) instead of 48 rubber duckies...I now have 96 coming in the mail. That's a whole lot of rubber duckies!

I have sent off an e-mail asking if I can purchase another 4 sets of 3 for the Nutcracker Klik's, hopefully he still has them in stock!

I think I might have found a Canadian company that I can purchase bulk loose tea from to put into foil bags (Canada Health Food Guide Lines) as I will not be able to use unsealed tea bags.

I will place the order for both styles of the nail decals as well.

I am thinking that for the Bucalli stockings...well...perhaps I will do a 'kid family' each year. So this year, as I have a pair of stockings -- the Sugar Plum Faerie and the Nutcracker Trio -- I will make those for my son and his fiancee. Then next year, depending on the theme....I will make up more for the next little family and so on. As I don't think it is wise of me to overwhelm myself too much. This is supposed to be fun not just work!

I am looking into the idea of making my own glycerine soap. That way I can now make sure that I have the scents/colours that I want to match the themes. So far, any of the information I have found, the process seems quite easy. This will go on the shopping list for the next time we are down in civilization :)

I will look into the shipping costs for ordering directly from Jelly Belly Beans but if it is comparable, I would still like to use Carol's shop in Edmonton for my candy supplies :)

Still no news back from getting my flower seeds from England. I have run into the snag that they will not ship out of the UK. But as I have family over there, I am hoping to be able to have them sent there first.

I have completed 6 knitted partridges so far with the remaining wool I have leftover. This too will need to go on the shopping list!

And to top everything off.....I am still going to go ahead with my Faerie Doors. Even though the original idea has now been modified to allow for resale....I am looking forward to my dream of having my Enchanted Pathways Company come into realization.