Monday, August 25, 2014

An Instant Connection?

It is always and amazing feeling when someone has gone through hundreds of pages and though thousands of listings...and here they stumble onto not one but two of your wee faerie items and picked them to be shared through a treasury of theirs!

I would like to thank Blue Rose Dreamer for featuring our wee Magical Faerie Door and Petra of the Northern Line of Faeries in their Magic Treasury.

On top of all of that....I have read her Handmade Artists profile and you know what....except for me not knowing what Downtown Abbey is...and that I have unfortunately never been to a Renaissance Faire before but have a dreamed of going to one, well for most of my life...I feel that we could just sit down for hours and well take about everything we have in common. And trust me it would take more than not just one cup of tea...but possibly even a few pots!!

Thank you so much Blue Rose Dreamer....

Please do drop by and check our her Magic Treasury...and well, now that you are drop by her Handmade Artists Shop as well...and prepared to be awed and be ready to fall in love!