Tuesday, July 21, 2015

the windblown look

to this day i recall my mother saying to me that her hair had the 'windblown look' to it. it took me a long time to figure out exactly what that saying meant. mind you, looking back, it actually did refer to when she was out and about on a windy day.

now when looking at myself, at my hair, i must admit i LOVE the 'windblown look'. mind you, i think that i might love to use different adjectives to describe this picture.

how about using some of these ones...

bouncy ~ wild ~ crazy ~ free ~ gusty ~ windy ~ airy ~  messy ~ beehive ~ swirly ~ ruffly ~ tangly ~ tousled ~ frowzy (yes, i really did look it up to see if it was a word or not -- frowzy {frowz*y  adj  scruffy in appearance}) ~ .. and i'm sure that there is an infinite descriptive words out there (mind you, i will need help with my handy-dandy thesaurus (and yes, i did actually have to look up the spelling of thesaurus {and yes, i still got it wrong and a kudos to spell check to fixing it again for me}) to come up with more.

okay, figuring that some of the above words probably got so off topic that they weren't windblown after all.

and, again off topic..i know that i have been very inconsistence with my 'random quotes' (hoping that some of my Instagram postings might make up for one or two but, but but....well my little nursery is kinda looking a bit 'windblown' right now...with boxes and containers everywhere with these next two seasons sneaking up way to quickly...

so here is a thank you to Jimi Hendrix for letting  me daydream...

"Butterflies and zebras
Moonbeams and fairytales
That's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind."

.. all the while ... riding with the wind.