Friday, December 1, 2017

Book Review: Flower Fairies Friends -- How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party by Frederick Warne

Book Review ...

Flower Fairies Friends -- How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party

Author: Frederick Warne
Illustrations: Cicely Mary Barker

Published in 2005 by Warne Frederick & Company
ISBN10: 0723253609     ISBN13: 9780723253600

Have you ever been invited to a tea party? Have you ever hosted a tea party? How about having a guide book what was actually written by fairies for such an occasion. Well, in this book you will find help from the Kingcup Fairy and pretty Fairies who will help you throw the perfect tea party.

Here are a few secrets from the fairies to you...

The first project you get to make is butterfly invitations, the perfect way to share-the-date.

Everyone loves snacks so Fairy Strawberry shares her favourite Baked Strawberry Recipe and Fairy Holly suggests Christmas Tree Toasties for those tea parties held during the holiday season.

The Pink Fairies share decoration ideas, like tissue carnations, Candytuft's name cards and Pansy's Chair Wings.

Fairies Tansy, Guelder Rose and Kingcup help you with your fairy fashions ranging from outfits to tiara's and floral crowns. Oh and you can't forget, the yarn pom-poms for your shoes!

The last project is to make pop-up cards to say thank you to all of your fairy guests who attended.

In the very back of the book, Fairy Lavender includes a space for you to record all of your special memories.

This book is filled with beautiful patterns, instructions, ideas, 40+ stickers and a party planner list to help you along the way.

You can purchase this book through your local bookstore or on-line through or Be sure to check out the other three books written by Frederick Warne and illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker in this Flower Fairies Friends Collection.

Whether is be midsummer or during the winter holiday season, this book will help you host the perfect tea party for all of your fairy friends.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Floating Nursery Kit - Give-away --- Ending soon!!

Giveaway Time...

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BUT.... you are running out of time to enter your name into the draws.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Blossom Holiday Line

Welcoming to the Nursery our newest faeries...

The Blossom Holiday Line

These Faeries are available for a very limited time so please be sure to visit our website for further details.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Book Review: What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry?

Book Review ...

What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry?

Author: Lindsey Renee
Illustrator: Lindsey Renee & Susan Reagan

Originally Published in 2010 by Chronicle Books
ISBN 9780811876858

... all you need to do is believe in yourself and your true fairy will emerge.

This story takes place in Lulaland where Merry Berry lives with her cat Pom Pom and she is about to take an adventure of a lifetime.

Merry Berry goes for a walk and finds herself is a very special neighbourhood, one she had never seen before. Meeting new friends along the way she is told the secret of what it takes to become a fairy. She couldn't believe that after her magical day she could have yet another surprise, a visit from her Guardian Angel's. These fairies help explain in more detail what Merry Berry needs to do to earn her wings. So she slowly drifts off to sleep (not without a lot trouble though) where she dreams of the things she loves to do. After sharing her special gift with her friends, Merry Berry's wishes comes true and a she receives a wonderful gift of a shimmering dress, sparkly slippers, a pretty bracelet, a magical wand and best of all the most beautiful fairy wings ever. What more could a girl ask for?

This book is filled with colourful drawings and has splashes of sparkles throughout. The moral behind the story is one that is common sense and makes it easy to believe that becoming a fairy really can happen. And can't it after all? Don't we all have something special inside of us that makes us unique and different, of course we do.

Now tell me, what kind of fairy are you?

You can purchase this book through your local bookstore or online through and

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book Review: Pretty Petals Trilogy by Fiona Hayes

Book Review ...

Pretty Petals Trilogy

Author: Fiona Hayes
Illustrators: Chris Gaisey & Wojciech Kuzminski

Published in 2016 by Kappa
ISBN: not registered

This set of three brightly coloured, doubled sided, swivel board books are set in an enchanted glade where Fairies Lily, Bluebell, Daisy, Rose and the Fairy Queen play, sing, dance and celebrate summer.

The Enchanted Garden Party ...

In the Enchanted Glade, the fairies arrive in their finest clothes to play games and sing magical music. Fairy Daisy looks beautiful in her purple dress, Rose is busy making pretty hats, Bluebell and Lily are riding snails and playing find-the-fairy.

Midsummer Magic ...

Getting ready for a summer feast, Fairy Rose reminds everyone of the Midsummer's Day festival, while Lily adds sparkling fairy dust to the dew drops and Daisy chases away the clouds with her wand just in time for the arrival of the Fairy Queen.

A Midnight Feast for Fairies ...

Fairy Rose lights the way with her glowing wand so Bluebell, Daisy and Lily can bring their blueberries, biscuits and acorns filled with sweet nectar to the midnight fairy feast being held under the bright moon.

You can purchase them through your local bookstore or online through and

As I love to add little books to my faerie library, these 3 are ever so cute as you get to watch the fairies as they celebrate summer with garden parties, games, snacks and singing songs.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review: Fairy Friends by Claire Freedman

Book Review ...

Fairy Friends

Author: Claire Freedman
Illustrator: Gail Yerrill

Published in 2007 by Little Tiger Press London
ISBN 10: 1845064666     13: 9781845064662

"Find a poem for YOUR best friend in this beautiful book about the friendships that fairies share."

This is a storybook about the importance of friendships whether you are a wee faerie or not. Drawn within patchwork borders, each page looks magical and enchanting as Ms. Yerrill has done an excellent job of sketching the cute expressive faces on the faeries as they each seem to be smiling right back at you. Told within the setting of pretty flower garden, Ms. Freedman tells a tale through a series of poems about the love that can be found when sharing with others. Throughout the book the faeries show you how to enjoy the fun days of summer including garden parties, finding fairy dust at the end of a rainbow and the hiding of tiny treasures.  

You can find this book at your library or you can purchase it through your local bookstore or online through both and Ms. Freedman is a successful children's picture book author who resides in Essex, be sure to check out her acclaimed Aliens Love Underpants series too.

When picking out a new book for the Nursery's library, I guess I must be like any other faerie for as I look for the graphics, the colours and of course the uniqueness of a book and in this case who couldn't resist a cover that has purple and silver stars along with sparkly pink faerie dust floating in a bubble. I highly recommend this book to both children and adults as each verse told by Ms. Freedman brings with it a feeling of euphoria when explaining and depicting the beauty of friends and your friendships with them.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Review: Fairy Houses ... Everywhere by Barry & Tracy Kane

Book Review ...

Fairy Houses ... Everywhere

Authors: Barry & Tracy Kane

Originally Published in 2006 by Light Beams Publishing
ISBN 10:097081044X   ISBN 13:9780970810441

"... just turn these pages and discover a world filled with whimsical habitats constructed from natural materials."

Filled with beautiful photos of faerie houses that have been build in the woodlands, on the beach, in meadows, in backyard gardens and in the air you are transported to a land that only those that believe in faeries can actually see. It is like when you are told to 'stop and smell the roses', faerie houses are just the same, they can hide in plain sight but once you spot one you are always on the lookout for more.

This book not only shows tiny homes but it gives you a chance to see how with just an acorn, or a seashell, or a feather or even a pretty leaf can be put to good use when building a house. As the words nature and faerie are synonymous with each other, it is easy to see how with just a bit of imagination anyone and everyone can construct a dwelling made for the wee folk. It doesn't stop with just houses though, Barry & Tracy bring to life full little villages including boats made of seedpods docked on a lake, apartment buildings made from tree trunks, mansions with individual rooms decorated with miniatures, to seasonal homes of pumpkins and snowy boughs. Truly an inspiration to all those that are young at heart.

You can purchase this book through your local bookstore or online through both Chapters/Indigo and Amazon. Be sure to check out the rest of The Fairy Houses Series®: Fairy Houses, Fairy Houses ... Unbelievable!: A Photographic Tour, Fairy Houses and Beyond!, Fairy Flight, Fairy Boat, Forest Secrets: A Fairy Houses Mystery, Ocean Secrets: A Fairy Houses Mystery No. 2 and Kristen's Fairy House DVD.

I purchased this book way back when I had started my Faerie Nursery in 2011 thinking it was a great place to start to look for ideas for my faeries. Now, thanks to this book, I have a whole line of faerie doors and garden nurseries which just happen to cary you off into a land of magic, imagination and enchantment.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

And That's a Wrap!

Wire Wrapping Course - April 23, 2017
Dragntalz Art by Ruthie & Doug Shewan
Parksville & District Rock & Gem Club

This was our first (of hopefully many) class 
taken on wire wrapping cabochons. 
Not too bad if I say so myself.

Thank you Ruthie & Doug for a fun day.

Dragntalz Art -

Parksville & District Rock and Gem Club -

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Welcome to the Faerie Luna Gardens

The Nursery has opened up yet another Instagram account titled faerielunagardens to showcase what the Faeries have growing in their gardens. So far, during the first few months of living here on Vancouver Island and living with the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park backing onto our property line, we have been awed by finding different mushrooms, flowers, plants and trees local in this area.

With this new account we will post photos of our old and new Nursery will all of the splendour that nature has to offer.

A bit about the Nursery:

Created/founded in Fort Smith, NT, located just above the 60th parallel in Canada's north. The weather there can swing from -30C in the winter to +30C in the summer.
Fort Smith has a Dry Continental Subarctic climate with very long harsh winters combined with warm but relatively short summers. With this diverse temperature the environment of this area can be both stark and barren in the cold but lush and green in the heat. Most gardens and flowerbeds are raised as the permafrost stills lingers just meters beneath the surface of the ground but this doesn't stop the Faeries from gardening.

Now the Nursery has relocated Qualicum Beach, BC where the climate is classified as a Warm-Summer Mediterranean climate. Meaning that it has cool, wet winters and relatively dry summers allowing it to be considered to have the mildest climate in Canada. The average temperature during the rainy winter hovers around +1-3C and during the heat of summer it reaches to a balmy +25C.  The area is known for its amazing gardens so I can't wait for spring/summer to get here. With this just being the first week of March (2017), the Faeries have been busy preparing for spring planting as the local markets have already held their 'seed sales' and bedding plants can be found outside of shops ready for sale.

Let us celebrate the wonders of the outdoors ... welcome to the faerielunagardens.......

Tuesday, January 31, 2017



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