Saturday, May 4, 2013

The New Digs and the Watchers!

I was fortunate enough to get a hand-me-down wooden cabinet. Now as my little nursery is already full to the brim with...well...shelving units (7 of those), tables (4 of those), chairs (3 of those), little drawer cabinets (8 of those), old microwave stand, computer tables/stands (2 of those), corner stand, behind the couch table that has drawers at the bottom, wooden night stand, rolling plastic tray shelving unit (two of those), shelving units hubby built...oh and almost forgot 2 hanging wooden cabinets. So...where on earth was I going to put this new cabinet?? And, what was I going to put in it.

Well with a bit of rearranging....I found the perfect spot for it. Right beside me now. Just to the right of me up against the slated wall hubby built.

And what do you think I found to put in it?? The Clay Potters!! Instead of them being in long skinny boxes with cut out flaps (everything has to be protected from Lady Isabella, the mean ole puddy tat!!) they now have a new home! They are all lined up with little name tags placed on the shelf so I know who is who. I even printed out each of their pictures with their full names written on them!

My only problem is...I feel soooo guilty! Sure, they are now not squished, all together, no worries about breakage, easy to get to...but but but....doesn't the picture look like they all belong to the movie I, Robot when they find Sonny in the warehouse?? All standing so neatly in a row!!

And the faeries have their own watchdogs...LITERALLY!!  Fionn and Ciaran watching over everyone.

You can see more of the pictures in their Facebook photo album.