Thursday, November 13, 2014


So okay, I have been awfully quiet these past few days, okay fine, the past couple of weeks? topic...did you see that insane graphic quote I posted today? Not only was the topic quite gross...but the colour of the background...was that not the LOUDEST colour scheme you have EVER seen!!

For those of you that do follow our Facebook page and for those of you that don't (sure would be nice if you dropped on by...was that a please...perhaps it was), I had noted that hubby and I did an impromptu holiday for about a week.

Oh course, this leaving all of a sudden sure does put a monkey wrench into trying to keep my wee company on the 'map of the internet'.

As soon as I got home (okay, yes, that was a definitely exaggeration of my timeline...but I'm a all aspects of time (to you anyways) is certainly not on my schedule) I hurriedly tried to get posted on here, Facebook /// Facebook pages (yes, that was a plural for pages...), Pinterest and Flickr (man, that sure is spreading the 'word'....did you get that one? I really meant 'quote', maybe a 'graphic').

As noted in many posts, I do not add any 'Thought of the Day' messages over the weekend...this allowed me time to unpack all of the new goodies for the nursery (and, ummmm, as normal...there are still plenty of bags still on the worktable calling to I write this blog posting...shush now....all of you!!).

So, I am once again starting to feel under the gun here on trying to get myself ready...yes, it is the time of craft fairs, getting ready for the gift giving season, the time of 'the rush'. As with EVERY year, you promise yourself that THIS will be the year that you are ready!!

Here are a few of the things to do...a few of the reasons why these 'said' things have not been done...

Jewellery....I had over the summer purchased a few (okay, does about a hundred still classify as a few??) of those floating memory lockets. I have now filled them all with the shiny wee faceted gemstones and they are now in their pretty white/sheer organza bags (these ones have pretty silvery butterflies on them...nice!!). I am now waiting impatiently for the fuzzy black felted display cases that have all of those wee square compartments for the speciality charms that you can put into the lockets. Next, I still need to make another one of those flowered display chalkboards that will list the prices.

Faerie Dolls....yes, these are not my Faeries that I make but ones that I had purchased really early on in the year. They have pretty coloured blue, purple, green and yellow hair along with matching wings. They all have wee dresses on them as well...they really are quite adorable. I have attached one of the faerie necklaces that I had made, oh probably for the Trade Show that was in April. They too have been placed into pretty organza bags...these ones are almost a shade of sea green...please do not ask me what this colour really looks like...I just know that it is pretty. These also need a flowered display chalkboard price sign made up.

Faeries...yes, these are the ones that I make....I have enough the Northern Line ready to here is the hiccup...the New Line (if you remembered, the wire was just a bit toooooo off on the size that I required (insert here...I really wished that they would regulate an actual sizing chart) to make them. My goal is still to have at least 5 of each ready to go. That entails layering all of the flower petals, making the heads (with hair), having the wee stands numbered and painted (remember, the nursery uses only environmentally safe products) and there are probably tons of things that I need to do in the hopes that the replacement wire gets here in time.

Now, here is the problem....I have to go out of town again this weekend onto late next week....and you ask what is the problem with that....well....the biggest of our two craft fairs happens on Saturday, November 22! Yes, sure...I can get all of this done prior to leaving! Sure I can...yuppers!!