Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Background...

After too many to count tries....I absolutely LOVE my new blog background from Schonee. It is like the icing on the cake...the best part :)

They were left alone....

Yes, I will take full blame for this one as I had to leave the nursery for a few days. But but but, in my own defence...I did make sure that Sapphire the Pixie lock the faerie dust cabinet so I knew that wouldn't be a problem....I asked Faerie Mia to look after all of the flower petals.....I asked Fae Bella to look after the beads....and I asked Pixie Jinx to look after the paint. I figured I had pretty well everything covered. NOPE! I had forgotten about the yarn buckets! At least they kept the mess centralized except for the odd ball or two that managed to roll off of the table. And yes, if you look close enough...that is me, Faerie Amma right in the middle!!


Ella the Sprite
Fae Bella

Benny the Buttery Sprite
Faerie Cabela

Faerie Nettle
Faerie Mia

Mouse the Ashray Faerie
Nipper the Clurichaun

Missy May of the Moss People 
Pixie Grace

Pixie Bess
Pixie Ivy

Pixie Jinx
Ros of the Moss People 

Sprite Enwedhan
Pixie Sunburst

Sprite SugarPlum
Pixie Heather

Sapphire the Pixie 
Faerie Amma