Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Care Package From Afar

A new care package arrived today in the mail from my bestest on-line friend Sharon.

 It seems that when I make my petal faeries my favourite flower petals to use are the sheer iridescent ones. These petals just add that extra 'magical' look to each faerie. Now, don't get the wrong impression of me or anything but I have hung these pretty little flower petals off on another rack away from the rest of my flowers as they are special to me. The last few times I have had visitors over to the nursery though, they have ALL managed to find my hidden little stash and proceeded to use them when making their own faeries!! Now, there is really nothing wrong with this and I am glad that they feel the same way about them as I do. So.....I thought I had best check back in with Sharon to replenish my supply and sure enough she had posted more of them. I ordered 7 more sets of 6 flowers (there are 8 layers to each flower) so that will give me 336 more sparkly flower petals (to share??) plus Sharon threw in a few extra as well.

But as always, my box from Sharon didn't just have my order of flowers (did I say, I LOVE her care packages yet? If I didn't....I sure do LOVE her care packages).

I now have a whole family of wee little critters that surround my little tree that I have on my desk here. So every time I glance over to the right of my computer screen, they are all looking up at me with their eyes full of curiosity and smiles galore.

Also in the box came loose flowers, beads, pins for my hubby's collection, little note pads, white head beads, a book, fimo flowers, molds and a whole lot more. How lucky am I??

The loose flowers....I am keeping out to make a very special faerie. As soon as I was taking them apart I knew immediately what her name was going to be....Cotton Candy :)

On a side note though.....Faerie Sharon (named on behalf of Sharon) has been a bit of bother lately! It seems with all of theses holiday decorations that I have laying around while getting ready for my upcoming Christmas fairs has put her into a VERY mischievous state! As I have always kept her close by on the table (she tells me stories and whispers in my ear while I work) she has been busy knocking things over and then hiding little baubles and jingle bells in the strangest places. At first, I was blaming Lady Isabella my cat, but nope.....I had gone upstairs to get a refill of my warmed apple juice and there on the floor were two jingle bells and a little present wrapped in the shiny gold foil. Now what on earth she was going to do with them, I have no idea but because of this behaviour she has now been moved over to my faerie bookshelf to keep her out of trouble!! Not sure how long it will take her to figure out how to get down...but at least I will be able to work without finding little treasures missing from the table!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Etsy Updates

Well for the month of October so far, I have posted 25 new faeries to Etsy.

I have updated my listing tabs on Etsy to now include all of the Holiday Specials under their own categories of: Holiday Faeries, Holiday Nurseries and Holiday Suites.

I have revamped all of the listing for the Limited Edition Faerie Suite by removing the choice of faerie to just a single faerie whose story matches the theme. I am very happy with how everything turned out. Mind you, I now do have 7 listings for faeries that have either wine, martini's or cigars for their themes? Wondering if that is a good thing or not?

I have 11 Christmas faeries that will be divided up between the Suites, Nurseries and just Faeries.
There are 4 New Year's Eve faeries that will be listed as individuals, each coming with a glass of champagne. I need to decide what to do with the actual Suite Faeries as right now they are listed as a group on Etsy. After that, it leaves me 21 faeries that still need to be listed and only 125 more to make :)

I had lots of help tonight as well with Fionn and Ciaran just hoping that even just one wee little faerie would fall off of my desk while I was trying to organize things.

While having to put EVERYTHING away as my cat Isabella has full roam of my nursery/workshop, I have managed to organize all of my faeries into new containers. I will try my best to get these posted within the next few days.

And on that note, I am off to bed!!

Etsy Posting Changes for the Limited Edition Faerie Suites

I have decided to re-do all of my listings under the category Limited Editions for the Faerie Suites. Originally I had 2-4 faeries posted with each Limited Edition. I am now changing this to an individual faerie and personalizing her to that topic.

For instance:

Nyssa is now the Faerie of greeting visitors to the nursery and garden with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Flossie is best friends with the Tooth Faerie, making sure that everyone takes good care of their teeth.

Amber like to share her milk and cookies after playing outside in the autumn leaves.

I thought that this would make these set a bit more personal for the buyer. It will also allow me to offer the other faeries individually on Etsy. Off to finish the other 9 sets.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Faerie Star and her Castle Teacup Nursery

I got these little bowls from a friend that was moving away. Now I know that they are not teacups in the traditional way but they were just too beautiful to not buy.

I had already made Faerie Star a few days ago and posted her on Flickr. As she was not yet listed on Etsy, I started to look around the Nursery to see if there was a way to make her into a Christmas themed faerie so she could fall under the Holiday Collection title.

I have sitting on my painting table, along the back wall, a row of teacups just waiting to be made into nurseries. There at the very end were 4 bowls stacked up all by themselves. I took a look at Star and thought, yes, she should have a nursery.

Now as these bowls have a bit larger top I thought the new faerie castles might just fit on there nicely. And, sure enough. In a matter of minutes I had gathered up mushrooms, flowers, trees and all these little goodies I thought would work well. Once I started to put things together, I knew that there just had to be another little moat. As the only black fimo flower I had, had a orange tinged centre, I pulled out an orange coloured swan. This nursery is even more special as I added 3 of my favourite things, cattails. So now surrounding the pond are the cattails. I love how they make the scene look so real.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the Nursery

I'm not sure if this is a blessing in disguise or not but due to not feeling the best, I have decided to take a week off work. During this time away from the office, I am hoping that I will be feeling up to doing some work here in the Nursery instead. 

I have now just posted Flossie the Faerie on my Etsy site. She is being listed under the Faerie Suite tab for being a Dental Hygienist. She comes with her own toothbrush, toothpaste, posters and even little tiny X-rays.

I will be listing more of my Holiday Collection Faeries as well. I am thinking of doing up one or two under the Faerie Suites that will come with a decorative wrapped present (display only), a Christmas greeting card and a string of beaded lights to drape across the wooden door. 

With new product still arriving daily the Nursery is never quiet. I now have the wood pellet stove going, apple juice warming and soft music playing. Hoping this help ease my headache and that the faeries will come out to play.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vienna by Meagan

So the Nursery was lucky enough to have both Meagan and Heather over this past weekend. While Heather made a beautiful faerie that reminded her of wintery days, while Meagan's faerie kept to a similar brrrrrr theme she also mentioned what her faerie likes to do on warm summer days.

I would like you all to meet Vienna and this is how her story goes...

"Vienna is a delightfully aristocratic faerie with a taste for the finer things in life. She enjoys reading the classics in a giant elm in the park on a summer day or taking a seat in a packed opera house on a snowy winter's evening. Having spend much of her life in Russia and Austria, she enjoys the cold of the North very much, just as long as it includes a toasty fire and a cup of spicy mulled wine."

Thank you so much for visiting Meagan, I hope you had a wonderful time and that you will be back again soon.

Heather's Visit to the Nursery

Well my winning contestant for Nutmeg the Halloween Faerie actually was able to come over this weekend and make Nutmeg a friend.

I would like you all to meet Glisten. This is the little story that Heather wrote up about her.

"Glisten is a crisp sparkly winter faerie. She dripped off the end of an icicle one sunny winter's day and has been enjoying her time in the garden ever since. Her favourite activities include skating on frozen bird baths, making 'snowfaeries' in the freshly fallen snow, and coming inside for a hot cup of apple cider afterwards. Her dress is made from endless layers of wintry petals, covered in sparkling gems".

And yes, for all of those who have not had a chance to visit the nursery....I hold all my Friends of Faeries captive!! Well only for a little awhile, I promise. Once a visitor has come over and spent the time to make themselves a faerie, I get to keep her here in the nursery for a bit. Since the first visit is always a gift from me, in return you must leave her with me to have her photo taken and posted on my website. As well, you must give her a name and write a short biography. It can be something simple to as to what you were feeling when you were making your faerie, about her dress or like Heather, a bit about your faeries' personality.

Glisten will now be gently packaged up and I will give Heather a call to let her know that she can come and pick her up to take home.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Carol & Donnetta's Faerie Seed Pod Babies

Last weekend the nursery was visited by Carol and Donnetta. They were served warmed apple juice spiced with cinnamon sticks, given fuzzy slippers to wear and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Their original intent, I do believe, was to just come on by and see the nursery. But thankfully they stayed for more :)

Here are the little seed pod babies they made.....

Carol was busy making her faeries for her girlfriends Mollie, Valerie, Dianne, Carol and Andrea. She made one for herself too :)

This little cutie was made by Donnetta (mind you she did help Carol out her batch...and might I add, she sure got the wire wrapping down pat!!)

Thank you ladies for dropping by, I had a wonderful visit with you both.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Presentation Time

I would like you all to meet Heather :)

Her name was the petal drawn from the basket (by my hubby) to win Faerie Nutmeg.

It is sad to see her leave the nursery but I am happy that she has found a new and happy forever home :)

Congratulations again Heather.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What is that...a new title tab on the blog??

I am asking anyone that has either visited the Nursery or maybe purchased or had a Faerie given to them, to just jot down a word or two (or even more if you wish) about your experience.

This can be pretty well anything....from if the slippers didn't fit, not enough selection of flower petals, if your packaging wasn't up to snuff in regards to handling through Canada maybe even something a little more on the positive side :)

Please know that I will read every entry and hopefully learn along the way on what type of Faerie product you would like to have made here at the Nursery.

I will say 'thank you' now and hope to see each and every one of you back again soon.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Free Draw You Say....YES!!!!! :)

I am trying something new.

On my Facebook page you can find a photo of Nutmeg and all of the instructions to enter to win her. The draw date is Wednesday, October 10th at midnight (MST) so please drop by and put your name in.

You can find me at The Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery on Facebook or by using the link on the right-hand bar.

The Little Tweaks Make All The Difference

Shawn did a few extra tweaks to my blog site for me. We now have a link to all of my other cyberspace  places where I share what is happening with the Faerie Nursery and ME!

We also included a link to the Faery World Magazine. Even though I have only advertised with them once, they did include a full biography and pictures of me and mentioned me on their Facebook page a few times. To me, they went over and beyond what a magazine company usually does for their advertising client. So if you get a chance please check out their page link on the bottom right-hand side of my blog.