Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to change a look - a step by step guide

Well, after much consideration and thunking....well, okay it really was just by she/her/me that had be doing the consideration that thunking part...that I had decided that it be best to start this message on a pleasant tone.

So this is were I thunk I am going to try to figure out a way how to put on the 'Thought of the Day' and 'The Photo of the Day' titled tabs (which are located just above you right now onto this main Blogger page... are you confused yet..cause I sure am?

I know...what on earth is she/her/me going to do now?

And....guess what...not only does she/her/me not know what she/her/me is talking and mumbling about, and not only does she/her/me know what to do with it once she/her/me gets ahold of it,  but to that inevitably thingy that she/her/me starts to figure that possibly (and this is where the insert of the 'yeah...she/her/me know anything?') she/her/me has no idea if it can even be done!

Now, how does that sound....I typical of she/her/me that you are already use to the silliness that goes on behind the scenes....and yes, she/her/me does work, well kinda...who wants to work in a Faerie Nursery? Now, come do know that even you wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to get anything done.

Now, as you far as you can see, you'd think that I am full of poop, well let's not go there shall we.

Well this next project has taken she/her/me over 3 months to finish and yes, has she/her/me done that to give you even just a smidgen of hope being ever so closely to be completed.

And, now you will ask....and?? and?? and??

No, I am not ready to unveil it right now and this is why she/her/me going to try to figure out (you know that I really meant that our guru will try to figure it out,,,and this where you plunk in the 'and remember this is where she/her/me...was the one who put the Mac OSx hard drive into the trash bin as she/her/me really didn't the ugly look of the she/he/me gives a massive thank you to her my son and the Apple smart guys) how to keep you entertained all the while she/her/me is really doing something that she/her/mer just might be doing that something productive behind this web page.

Now...let's see if I make a complete mess of this prior to call my guru...who will of course not only get frustrated but will try to give she/her/me instructions on who to do it...and then realizes that as in previous cases there is no point with this step.