Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Nutcracker Prince Bookmark

I have been neglecting my cross-stitch projects lately. Guess with working full time and still trying to run the household, I have to re-train myself to prioritize here at home as well.

So this morning, while hubby-dearest was out having a coffee, I pulled out my cross-stitch. Granted this project was near completion (I was just waiting for a DMC skein), I finished the first of many Nutcracker Prince bookmarks.

I am very happy with the design, unfortunately, after I downloaded the pattern, I must not have saved the website address from where I found it. I am unable to give credit to the designer of this pattern and for that I am truly sorry. If I do happen to come across it, I will post it.


So thinking future wise....and seeing some awesome work done with beads and wire, I seen these and just couldn't resist. A big thank you goes out to chayatech-beads (ebay) for all of their wonderful help :)

Who knew that beading wire could come in such beautiful colours!