Saturday, August 16, 2014

Radical Changes!!

August 16, 2014 ~ CHANGES -- Although this list of things will drastically change the way and the face of my company they are the ones that at this time I feel will be the best for me, the best for the company, for the best for all things. In one aspect I am leaving behind some of the biggest sites that allow my company exposure but then on the other hand it will give me the change to expand in other ways. I hope that those that do follow me now will be able to continue or if not be able to adapt to the new structure. I am not trying to say 'goodbye' by any means I am trying to say 'hello'. So 'hello' new world...HERE I AM!

August 16, 2014 ~ TIME LINE -- Now please do not panic! I hope to begin to adapt these new changes over the next week or so. I will put a on each page an explanation of why I am closing that social media site for at least two weeks as I hope that will give everyone time to either change their easy of following me or a way for those to say goodbye. I know that there will be a probability of people that will either have to or even want to say goodbye as they feel that if I shut down one site why should they bother changing what they do. To those ones, I will apologize to but I do hope that they will understand my actions, my new options, my new initiatives and my new Nursery.

August 16, 2004 ~ WEBSITE -- I really feel like I have dropped the ball on this page. I rarely update any of new faeries or for that matter any up-to-date news that shows that this page is active. So, it is time to change things up at a bit, to spruce things up, to be Faerie Amma!

August 16, 2014 ~ FACEBOOK! -- What to say, what to say. I have decided with sometimes much apprehension and misgivings to yes, I have to do this, not just for the business but for my own self worth. I have found this social media something too overwhelming, too time consuming, all the way to not being noticed at all. In order to have a business page on Facebook you are required to also have a personal page that it can be linked to. I know that every 3 to 6 months I purge everything that I have posted just as I see it not relevant to what I am doing today. I do know that for a fact though that through the way Facebook is now set up that even if you decide to delete anything from either being seen or to even just deleting that everything that you do or have posted does not actually get deleted from their server but actually gets stored for their own future advertising purposes for you to see on your newsfeed page. Is this required? Certainly not to my liking!

August 16, 2014 ~ BLOGSPOT.CA -- I know that earlier this year or was it later on in 2013 that I stopped using this site as a way to communicate to the world. At that time, I had my devoted computer guru (that's you Shawn) create a blog with there on my website. I was hoping that this page would be a great way to replace this blog site but I found that it was a very difficult way to have people follow me, to advertise that I had done a posting, to getting my message out there. I have decided that I will now copy my 'Thought of the Day' onto my webpage as well, as those that find my website should get to know all of the aspects of the nursery. I don't want my website to be just a place to push people to buy something but to share actual valuable information with them as well. Oh and I will get our computer guru to change the font here on this page to be a bit more reader friendly as well!

August 16, 2014 ~ TWITTER -- So this is a very interesting platform for social media. As I have always had anything that I post from my website and then again from our Facebook page to be automatically 'tweeted' I am able to reach an audience that I never even knew existed. I try desperately to remind myself that my account is set up for the business only and that is how I am to treat it, but who doesn't want to be following Sir Patrick Stewart or Chris Hadfield or Diana Gabaldon or Melissa Gilbert or me the list is say the least...I follow 232 and I am now followed by 217. So in the end, I guess my odd mixture of not so faerie related and actually faerie related follows/followers is a great even constant.

August 16, 2014 ~ PINTEREST - What a fascinating site. I have made quite a few albums that pertain to all the different things that are relevant to the nursery. These albums showcase all of the faeries, whether being from the Generation 1 or Generation 2 styles. I have created a file that includes the 'Thought of the Day' and I have actually had people not only 'heart' the addition but sharing it on their own pages as well. Know I have head that Pinterest is a marvellous place to get lost in, to look for photos, to look for ideas, to find find friends that are on there and then to follow. I myself, have not spent a lot of time here as I really need to stay focused on what I am trying to create and display and when you get down to the nitty gritty in the hopes of actually selling an item.

August 16, 2014 ~ INSTAGRAM -- Wow, what a program! I can actually change the look of a photo that I have randomly shot and then post it to difference accounts instantly. Whoever came up with the fascinating concept is a genius for sure. I am sure that there are many, many, many tricks that I need to learn but I am slowly figuring them out.

August 16, 2014 ~ FLICKR -- Yay! I am finally getting the knack of posting photos directly from Instagram and having them show up on the Flickr account. Now tell me, how fun is that! I have created a few new albums right onto the Flickr pages where I can have the photo actually posted in to that folder! I am making sure that anything that I do take photos of whether from my iPhone to iPad get posted onto Flickr to keep everyone updated on the goings on here in the nursery.

August 16, 2014 ~ YOUTUBE -- Even as a much under used account, I am quite proud of the videos I have posted. I do feel that this social media site of them all really does put me out there to the public, bares my soul for all to see, makes me more nervous than even going to that dentist appointment that you know will include freezing (sorry, I am just trying to look for comparison). I do hope to add more as I do have a list going that I need to address but either I haven't had the time or I have just not wanted to do more. I promise to try my best at putting a few together to share.

August 16, 2014 ~ SALES SITES -- There has been some major thought thinking over here at the nursery (yes, the Faeries were standing by with the fire extinguishers) to how we are going to proceed with the social media platforms that we are currently using to keep our business in the 'lime light' (mind you we do much prefer being in the 'sparkle light'.) We have found that there are some very import and large pages that although they have been wonderful to participate in, that they have not generated any further views to the website or for that matter any sales. I will be merging all sales pages back to the Etsy page as it is the only of the current selling sites that is actually being viewed and purchased from. The ones that currently do a monthly charge will be deleted. Yes, I do realize that Etsy too does do a $0.20 charge to renew all listings after 4 months, and yes, $0.20 certainly does add up over the span of a year but if I want to be found on the massive thing called the 'web' then I need to do some serious changes. All current photos that link to these sites will be changed over to our Etsy page so there will be no interruption in our services.

August 16, 2014 ~ 'THOUGHT OF THE DAY' -- Quotes will now be hosted on two pages one being here on the account and the other on our website page under the tab marked BLOG. I have had such wonderful responses to these quotes along with my own perceptive thoughts and ideas. Granted that sometimes these just become rants, other connotations to being either religious or wicca, all the way to being philosophical in nature. As hubby dearest pointed out that eventually I will run out of quotes to post and that stage I do believe that I will go beyond the realm of faeries and will start researching dragons and the such. But do not be alarmed I will always include my own personal touch no matter how bizarre that happens to be!!

Now I would like to thank all of those that managed to actually read down this far to the bottom of this list of thoughts and ideas...if you have actually done this huge feat...then please do press the CONTACT ME button just to your fill in your name and contact information and I will get back to you so I can send you a gift of our appreciation for you having to decided to join me and the nursery on this wild new ferris wheel ride of an adventure.