Tuesday, June 9, 2015


okay fine....
it looks like this whole blog didn't address the 
'thought of the week' message! 
but hey it does have pretty colours...
and a brand new word that everyone should start using...


true for everyone (with fandaling) (or with grapes)

that has proof (with inkling) (or with potatoes)        

one can feel (with hasping) (or with apricots)
the deep root (with submarining) (or with carrots)

that can pounce (with leapfrogging) (or with apples)

as adventureativeness 
please note: this word does not exist in any dictionary...
but i like it anyway, so it should

and that have a spunk (with zinging) (or with lemons)

to even the littlest (with teensy-wensing) (or with blue berries)

of proven goofiness (with ding-batting)  (or with bananas)

can betwixt (with encompassing)  (or with pumpkins)

at the edge of time (with lastingness) (or with herbs)

to all wishing to be a

 'flower, fairy or even a strawberry' 

or an adventureativeness