Friday, October 24, 2014

The Thoughts and The Photos

For the week of October 20-24, 2014

Authors this week include:
Eloisa James, Audrey Hepburn, Nick Harkaway, Charliane Harris and P.J. Roscoe

Topics were for the most part very humorous, well except for today's was a nice one to end the week off on. We go all the way from gingerbread to fairy tales to ninjas, disposing of human all the way to remembering wonder.

I did have a good chuckle while posting these silly ones this week. Some days it is just nice to stop thinking of all of the busy things that are happening around us as every moment of everyday. It is hard to just stop. To close off your mind. To close off electronics..okay, but do this one after you have read this blog posting...please. To close off your worries. Perhaps we all just need that gentle reminder that it is okay to laugh. This laugh doesn't have to be in your 'outside' voice. This laugh can be done as simply as a smile. But truth be known, a smile goes a lot farther than a laugh. A smile is contagious (well so can a laugh be if you have one of this absolutely from the belly types), long lasting, something that can be shared with friends and strangers. So go as some of these 'Thoughts'....share a part of you that everyone can relate to.

I think the one that stands out the most is the quote for Audrey Hepburn. When you think of an iconic figure, and by all means they do not have to be in the acting profession, I am always amazed and humbled when you realize they are people too. People like you and I. People that still do the same similar things that I do in a day. People who have feelings, inner turmoil, friends, family, recognition for a job well done and of the course the most important one of them all...they just need to be loved. This need is ground into our minds, our hearts, our souls. What would we be without it? What would you be without the need to be loved?

'The Photo'

The nursery has been lucky enough to have an extended autumn this year. Even though most of the leaves have fallen off the trees there is still a colourful ground cover that can be seen. Most of the mornings have still included watching the dew drops glistening without being frozen yet. It is not normally until high noon before things start to melt but the water drops on the leaves can still be seen without ice crystals beginning to form. Another anomaly for this time of year is fog? The past couple of days have been quite unique and very fascinating. With the sky being greyed out and not being able to see down the road at some moments it certainly does bring an eerie feeling. The thing that I can relate to this site is when the forest fires of the summer bring linger smoke across the land (sometimes not so lingering but your own backyard!). With this being October 24 it sure would be cool if this weather pattern stuck around for lets say exactly one more week! Who needs a smog/smoke machine for Halloween when nature has provided the perfect backdrop for that spooky look.

And our final note for this week is the reminder that 'The Thought' will be back here on Monday, October even wee faeries need some down time as well.