Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dishwasher Bubbles

and here we go again.. (i'm starting to think that i just might be lost, as i could have sworn that this idea/thought has be done way toooooooo many times) ..

a new business name .. (on Facebook that is so it shows up in the search bar).

a new business name .. (here on Google that is .. thinking that i might try to see what i can do about the actual Google link for the company being changed .. any help would be appreciated .. as i'm one that can see exactly what it is that i need to do, and i'm the one that can exactly what not to do, and yes, the latter seems to be the on-going favourite).

a new feel (haven't figured out exactly what this means yet .. but it will come to me eventually).

a new look (same as above .. no wait .. that's not true).

a new ?? (face it .. there is always something new that one just can't think of when trying to think of something new).

disclaimer .. okay .. perhaps all of or any of the 'a new' stuff listed above might or might not happen as quickly as the pop of a soapy bubble .. but they will happen long before all of the dishes are done).