Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Making the Rounds

the rearview mirror effect!

in amongst a group of people have you ever found yourself in the queue for the next yawn no matter how hard you try not to catch it but it still happens. and just as fast as it came to you, off it goes to the next unwittingly person.

did you know though that a large crowd is not necessary and in fact it can take only the two of you? this contagion can begin by just looking into a mirror but not necessarily with an ordinary mirror but in fact, with a vehicles rearview mirror.

under legislation it is illegal to drive when distracted. and under this classification the use of smartphones certainly falls into it, but then again, so does singing along to a tune that you are listening to on the radio.

when asking where does a yawn fit into this law, well all it takes is someone in the backseat to yawn and you as the driver just happens to glance back and voila it's now yours for the taking. thank goodness though that this action is repeatable and you can pass it right back again but then the bad part of it all is that is comes right back to you and now the loop has begun.