Friday, February 17, 2012

We have a dragon amongst the faeries!

Well...this is the first of hopefully many more to come. As always there is a massive learning curve when following a pattern and how to make it your own.

This little guy is supposed to have legs and arms...but I like the almost seahorse design he ended up to be or maybe he's a distant relative to Ogopogo!! I love the spikes going from the top of his head down the back of his spine. The nose shape is definitely seahorse though.

The pattern only called for one stuffing area...this will be changed as it was too difficult to get the stuffing all the way to the tip of the tail without ripping the fabric. I think the tail is way too long (but then if I had another space open to stuff I might not have been so frustrated). I love the fabric I chose but it did have a little bit of stretch to it which did become iffy when I had to turn him inside out. I will definitely look for just straight cottons for the next one.

The sewing on of the wings will take some work. The pattern called for them to just be glued on which I for sure do not agree with.

I originally had him without eyes but the hubby said he needed eyes. With the colour of the fabric I was hoping that the clear orange eyes would somewhat show up better than pure black ones. If these little guys are to be sold though, I will have to actually stitch eyes using my cross-stitch floss otherwise he will need to have a disclaimer warning for small parts for children.

For a first attempt...I like him :)