Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book Review: Pretty Petals Trilogy by Fiona Hayes

Book Review ...

Pretty Petals Trilogy

Author: Fiona Hayes
Illustrators: Chris Gaisey & Wojciech Kuzminski

Published in 2016 by Kappa
ISBN: not registered

This set of three brightly coloured, doubled sided, swivel board books are set in an enchanted glade where Fairies Lily, Bluebell, Daisy, Rose and the Fairy Queen play, sing, dance and celebrate summer.

The Enchanted Garden Party ...

In the Enchanted Glade, the fairies arrive in their finest clothes to play games and sing magical music. Fairy Daisy looks beautiful in her purple dress, Rose is busy making pretty hats, Bluebell and Lily are riding snails and playing find-the-fairy.

Midsummer Magic ...

Getting ready for a summer feast, Fairy Rose reminds everyone of the Midsummer's Day festival, while Lily adds sparkling fairy dust to the dew drops and Daisy chases away the clouds with her wand just in time for the arrival of the Fairy Queen.

A Midnight Feast for Fairies ...

Fairy Rose lights the way with her glowing wand so Bluebell, Daisy and Lily can bring their blueberries, biscuits and acorns filled with sweet nectar to the midnight fairy feast being held under the bright moon.

You can purchase them through your local bookstore or online through Amazon.com and Dollartree.com.

As I love to add little books to my faerie library, these 3 are ever so cute as you get to watch the fairies as they celebrate summer with garden parties, games, snacks and singing songs.