Friday, July 31, 2015

it's all about me & you, nah, it's all about me

as there always comes a time, when eventually you have to crater, to the questions and requests to see who i am...well okay, as me as the owner of The Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery, that you realize that perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

i'll will chalk this whole hesitation thing up to, well thinking about it, for, that for some unknown reason that i just haven't been able to put a face on my company, on me. (yes, that reason being shyness. yeah, that excuse will work... but, okay, but those who know me, will tell you quite blatantly that i am anything but shy)

i will admit though that i have gotten better at talking about the company over the past bit instead of squirrelling away busy as a bee and keeping to myself.

has this hampered my business, YES, i can tell you that without a doubt that if you want to be noticed then it is a pretty hard sell when nobody has actually heard about or seen or met you!

with being a wife, a mom, a grandma (to 4 and currently counting) that i've always told myself that i am just being protect of those that i love but ummmm how is anyone going to know that type of personal information when i haven't even told you about it?

okay fine, i must admit, deductive reasoning makes sense when spoken (okay, typed) out loud and yes, that even shouting out from the rooftops, this type of noise can only help.

after much thought, a few cookies (a whole box to be exactly honest), a cup of tea or two (possibly more), i have come up with a history of this, this being the company and then this, this being me.

i really love what i put together but i really put a lot of hard work into it. (yeah, you can stop reading i work job is in a faerie nursery how much harder can a job get?).

so all of this painstakingly work can be found on the website under the tab named 'about' (yeah, yeah, yeah, i know, how original is that for a tab name).

oh, and,

p.s. ..... it is amazing that how easy it becomes once you start talking about you, that it just becomes easier and easier to do so. (um, but then again who doesn't like to listen to themselves talk about themselves?)

the photograph that i have put on my website was taken in this same photo-op. a massive thank you goes out to Chris who took the time in the sweltering heat to help me out.

so yeah, here i am!

this is me!

this is me....hard at work!