Friday, February 25, 2011

Rubber Ducky You're the One......

And to think my Granddaughter's favourite toy is the rubber duckies we mailed down to her.....wouldn't she love the box that just came in the mail today...

Sugarplum Faeries.....12 purple, 11 blue, 11 pink and 12 green

And the Nutcrackers......12 red, 12 green, 11 blue and 11 orange

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wine Glass Charms

I haven't decided whether these will come in sets of 4 or 6 yet. They will all have the same charm but will have different coloured beads to allow for distinction between glasses.

Sugarplum Faerie   



Beehive (2012 theme)

Beads, beads and more beads

I have now ordered beads and lots of them :)

I found this picture of a Sugarplum Faerie pendant and thought...WOW a must have! Now as the original designer (dark castle designs) lives overseas, I figured I could do something similar and not get into too much trouble :)  I will be experimenting with different beads for the body but staying of course with the purple theme for the Sugarplum effect.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pez Faeries

They have arrived. James sent me 12 Disney Faerie Pez Dispensers. Now as these were a little more money I felt they were still cute and I should have some. I will admit though as to not being too current on my Disney Faeries! The only one I know is Tinkerbell. So in case you aren't familiar with them either I have researched all of their names and who they are.

This is Rosetta....she is a Garden Faerie. She likes buttercup soup and roses. She is sweet but sassy.

This is Fawn....she is an Animal Faerie. She likes melted acorn butter and tiger lilies. She is a rough-and-tumble tomboy who can speak every animal language, her favourite being Toad!

This of course is Tinkerbell....she is a Tinker Faerie (aka a Pots-and-Pans Faerie). She likes silverbells and coming up with cool inventions. She is known for being sassy, feisty and fun loving.

This is Iridessa....she is a Light Faerie. She likes sunflowers and lemon meringue pie. She can be known as bit of a worry wart and she likes order.

This is Silvermist...she is a Water Faerie and she likes water chestnuts. She is known for being sweet, silly and sympathetic.

And this young fello is Terence....he is a Dust Keeper, his favourites include strawberry cake and morning glories. He is kind and enthusiastic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Petal Faeries

Well the week hasn't just been all work and no play.

I would like to introduce you to my Petal Faeries. The original idea behind these Faeries came from the book titled "Fairies Petal People You Make Yourself" by Rachel Haab.

I have had lots of fun with the designing of these little ones. They are a cinch to make and take little time to complete. As you can see they are quite tiny, measuring around 3" in total.

If anyone has any spare little pieces of wool, bead, ribbons, string, curly hair and most of all flower petals...please save them for me. I am sure everything will find a place and will make a new Petal Faerie very happy :)

Each of these little Faeries will accompany a Faerie door. As it stands now, I think each door will match the Faerie it comes with. I have wonderful water-based wood stain (thinking environmentally here) that comes in a beautiful array of colours.
You can check our Saman's webpage for more details.

Business Plan

It's not like I haven't been doing anything or ignoring my blog by any means. 

This week has seen me concentrating on getting by Business Plan together. I have done research from different websites to find something that is similar (no point in re-inventing the wheel if I don't have to). 

I have the majority of it done, just have to work on all of the financials now. Hopefully it will all make sense in the end :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress...not bad for a Saturday morning!

So....I now have on order 12 Disney faerie Pez dispenser and 12 more nutcracker Klik dispensers from James. He has already got the package down to the post office!

Rebecca just confirmed that I will have 96 (48 of each) nutcracker and faerie duckies in the mail by the end of the week.

I will work on the nail decals tomorrow :)

Nutcracker Klik's

Wow, well that was fast. James from 'price3264' has already confirm my purchase for another 12 Nutcracker Klik's :)

He also mentioned that he has the Disney Faerie's in a Pez Dispenser. Now as these are not technically the Sugar Plum Faerie.....they are faeries though! I am seeing what he is willing to offer me for a price on purchasing 12 of them :)

Well James just got back to me! He has dropped the price in HALF! I will place my order for them as well.

Update.....I am expanding!

Well it has been officially decided that I am going to expand on this whole Christmas theme idea.

After speaking with friends and family....I am going to try to sell my little gift bags to the general public.

I am currently figuring out what all to include and how to go about it as now the rules will have changed due to Health codes and all that jazz.

As I still had a few items left over from last year...I will be using all three themes for this year. A Partridge in a Pear Tree; The Sugar Plum Faerie and The Nutcracker Prince. I will make 12 of each style and see how it goes. Any left over bags will be offered again next year as I guess it is only my family/friend ones that I need to update each year :) instead of 48 rubber duckies...I now have 96 coming in the mail. That's a whole lot of rubber duckies!

I have sent off an e-mail asking if I can purchase another 4 sets of 3 for the Nutcracker Klik's, hopefully he still has them in stock!

I think I might have found a Canadian company that I can purchase bulk loose tea from to put into foil bags (Canada Health Food Guide Lines) as I will not be able to use unsealed tea bags.

I will place the order for both styles of the nail decals as well.

I am thinking that for the Bucalli stockings...well...perhaps I will do a 'kid family' each year. So this year, as I have a pair of stockings -- the Sugar Plum Faerie and the Nutcracker Trio -- I will make those for my son and his fiancee. Then next year, depending on the theme....I will make up more for the next little family and so on. As I don't think it is wise of me to overwhelm myself too much. This is supposed to be fun not just work!

I am looking into the idea of making my own glycerine soap. That way I can now make sure that I have the scents/colours that I want to match the themes. So far, any of the information I have found, the process seems quite easy. This will go on the shopping list for the next time we are down in civilization :)

I will look into the shipping costs for ordering directly from Jelly Belly Beans but if it is comparable, I would still like to use Carol's shop in Edmonton for my candy supplies :)

Still no news back from getting my flower seeds from England. I have run into the snag that they will not ship out of the UK. But as I have family over there, I am hoping to be able to have them sent there first.

I have completed 6 knitted partridges so far with the remaining wool I have leftover. This too will need to go on the shopping list!

And to top everything off.....I am still going to go ahead with my Faerie Doors. Even though the original idea has now been modified to allow for resale....I am looking forward to my dream of having my Enchanted Pathways Company come into realization.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nail Decals

So I have been in touch with Leigh Ann through her ebay site at "leigh19717" and am now just at the final decision stage. She has designs for nail decals that match both the Sugarplum Faerie and Nutcracker Prince themes. Now do I go with both designs for a grand total of 40 sets or do I mix and match them? Her prices are fantastic and she won't charge me extra for shipping :)  Now just what to order?