Friday, August 29, 2014

O Time, Time, wherefore art thou Time?

Okay, sorry William Shakespeare for altering, thrashing, destroying, let alone stealing your most beloved lines and words....

William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 33-36

33       O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
34       Deny thy father ad refuse thy name;
35       Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
36       And I'll no longer be a Capulet

Okay...and then looking at my iMac dictionary there is no listing under my dictionary, thesaurus, Apple or Wikipedia to let me know exactly what, who or how is a Capulet...YAYAYAY Thank you Mr. Internet...Capulet was Juliet's last name!!

Off to the actual scene again to see if I can figure it out there (gssssshhhh who knew that Romeo and Juliet was so hard to read...and yes, I'm that one that missed out on this grand best work ever by William Shakespeare and ended up with The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and Macbeth throughout my high school years...oh but wait...there is more to this story...wait for it, wait for it...I got some of the best marks for my studies in Macbeth, so not all was a waste of time).

So, onto what, where, when and who...okay we already know who...time is who...the what, where and when is what I want to know...where did they/it go??

Please take this posting as an apology from I really wanted to get my 'Thought of the Day' graphics up today for the next few weeks...but alas, it did not happen.

But does give you something to look forward to? Yes, oh yes, in deedy do it does :)

Signing off for now for a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery. Please do send me a message if you would like something passed along to Pixie Heather and I will for sure send it forward.

Loves you all...
Night night, sweet sleep, my Faeries...sweet sleep.
Good morning, good morning, sweet play, my Faeries...sweet play.

The Sleepover?

Well, this wee Faerie is taking a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery.

But, but, but....please do not fret....Pixie Heather will be everyone jump up and down and saying fact let's do it many times over. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY....okay that's enough, that's all I need is for anyone to run out of jumping umph and even worse to run out of breath, and even, even worse than that is to get laryngitis because of the celebration of Pixie Heather being here at the Nursery...(hmmm are you jumping up and down and saying YAY,  in fact let's do it many times over. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY for fact that Pixie Heather is going to be looking after the Nursery...or are you jumping up and down in fact let's do it many times over. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY and that I am going away for a much needed sleepover from the Nursery)!! Hmmmm, Now, I know that there are a few of you out there...and you know who you are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this paragraph! Okay fine, possibly more than just the few of you...Yes, the more of you that I had addressed at the beginning of this paragraph will say but how are you not supposed welcome Pixie Heather for staying here at the Nursery or supposed to saying YAY, that you are so happy that I am taking a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery (now if you do decide that you are going to do your YAY in fact let's do it many times over YAY, YAY, YAY to say goodbye to me, Faerie Amma while she is away for a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery...than, I just think that if very nice of you...sigh)

I have tried my best to pre-do as many 'Thoughts of the Day' as I could over the past few days and I will post them today...but, but, but....YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to let your EYES wander in any such way...that's all I need is for you to start your day off with the wrong 'Thought of the Day'! I would feel sooooo bad if your 'Thought of the Day' was mixed up in your noggin! That would just be DISASTROUS! And trust really don't want to put yourself into a dangerous situation that's for sure. As who knows what just might happen? You might end up wearing a matching set of socks! You might end up figuring out who laughs at you when you are walking past the sunflowers! Oh, and oh goodness, be that you find out where your keys are! And oh, oh my goodness, and I certainly do hope that this DOESN'T happen to you, that you just might figure out that your glasses are actually on top of your head! Oh my goodness, I would just be besides myself! Here I am...just thinking of all of the silliness that just might go on while I am away taking a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery. Oh my, and now I am soooo worried that you just might starting to think of the mischief that might go on...okay, okay, I certainly hope that you don't figure out who is hiding your extra sock in the warm dryer...oh wait, I forgot..who will care about that missing sock from the warm dryer as you NEVER wear a matching pair of socks anyways! Ah, big sigh...thank goodness Pixie Heather is going to be here to protect you from any silliness that just might go on while I am away taking a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery!!

Now, I know that there are a few of you out there...and you know who you are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this above beginning part and then again of the above above paragraph! Okay fine, possibly more than just the few of you...Yes, the more of you that I had addressed at the beginning part of the above paragraph and then again of the above above paragraphs  ....which is that you are not supposed to let your eyes wander when you have to find the order of the day which is for the 'Thought of the Day' for that day. Yes, I realize that you will have to scroll down to find the 'Thought of the Day' for this so called 'Thought of the Day' that it belongs to. But this is where I was originally talking to that few of you out there..and you know who you are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this above beginning part and then again of this above paragraph.....that you just might let your eyes wander.

My solution to this above issue (and yes, being the Guardian of the Nursery, I know every solution) on how to not open your eyes...I figure if you open the 'Quotes' tab and then page of this blog and then just close your eyes (yes, this whole blog posting is about your 'EYES') and then with your mouse and with your eyes still being closed, just scroll down? I'm pretty sure that this will get you pretty close to the 'Thought of the Day' that you need to read for that day. Yuppers, I think that I have it all figured out....but now the you have it figured out as well? I know that there are a few of you out there...and you know who your are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this above beginning part and then again of the above and above paragraphs! Okay fine, possibly more than just the few of you...Yes, the more of you that I addressed in the beginning part of this paragraph and then again of the above above paragraphs, that is who I am addressing in this paragraph....but how are you not supposed to let your eyes wander when you have to find the order of which your 'Thought of the Day' is?

So, here is me...trusting you (now, I know that there are a few of you out there....and you know who your are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this paragraph that is written above and then those above above paragraphs! Okay fine, possibly the more of just the few of you...Yes, the more of you that I had address at the beginning {okay at almost the beginning of the middle} of the above paragraph and then again of the above above paragraphs that will say but how are you going to trust us to not suppose to let our eyes wander when you have to find the order of which the 'Thought of the Day' is which).  Well to those of you out there...and you know who you are!! Yes, you!! Yes, you, that is who I am addressing in this above paragraph at the beginning{okay at almost the beginning of the middle} of this paragraph and then the above above above paragraphs....and okay fine, the possibly more than just the few of you...Yes, the more of you that I had addressed at the beginning of this paragraph {okay at almost the beginning of the middle and then again at the beginning of the above above above paragraphs}will say but how are you not supposed to let your eyes wander when you have to find the order of which day is which).

Well for crying out loud...I just hope that you will the Quotes tab and then page for my continued 'Thought of the Day' while I am away taking a much needed sleepover away from the Nursery.

Please enjoy your next few weeks and I will see you all soon!!

p.s. Thank you Pixie Heather for looking after the Nursery for me :)

Pixie Heather of The Clay Potters

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Can it be? Can it be? Can it be!!

Now as some of you know and some of you don't know this tad bit of information and please do keep it to yourself as the faeries for their own protection do not want this to get out, especially to other faeries but my goodness never, never, never, ever, to a human!

I am not quite sure what transpired so long ago as I have not heard many of the stories, the whispers or even been able to eavesdrop while the faeries are sleepy eyed and singing themselves to sleep with dreams of days gone by. But for sure, for sure...something did happen those many moons ago that brought us and the faeries to such a quiet and shussssh type of relationship. It does seem though that there really are very few of us that can see faeries. Actually be able to listen to the faeries as they sing their songs. And most of all to be able to dance away with them while they play in the flower garden.

So with that all be told....we now hope to remember, to dream, to hope that we may be one of those lucky few....that get to know the faeries.

As we all know there is a whole lot more to that realm that has the thinnest, shimmery and magical veil to it that has all kinds of wonderful things happen on the side that we cannot see. But once in awhile, not very often, but sometimes they like to just peek their toes through and their noses so they can see what all the noise is about on our side.

So if the mystery of the faeries is somewhat known to others, who just might know a wee bit more of the puzzle, who know just a wee bit more of the secret than to the best of my knowledge...and as you can tell...well...all in all...I really don't know too much at all!

Back to the original few sentences that this wee story relates to...I seem to be able to get easily distracted from the thought at hand...but then again....I think I am allowed to deviate a bit as with living in a nursery filled with faeries...well who wouldn't be absentminded, bewildered and well be completely stumped, perplexed and well be completely befuddled!

I have learnt (remember to shhhhhhussshhh this part of the story) that the faeries can actually wear the tiniest, of the weeniest, of the whittliest, of the teensy-weensiest, of the itty-bittiness, of the...well okay, you figured out that I was just trying to say that these aren't huge by any means. They wear cameras! Well, actually, I really don't know what they wear or if they are wearing anything at all for that matter. I just know that they are able to somehow share little glimpse of what they see and transfer it to an image that a human can see. Now, I don't know if that means that I am someone special, someone that is lucky, or just someone who stumbled upon, or just someone that yearns so much to be able to see these images or whatever it is called and known throughout the world of Fae!

Now these images can somehow (please do not ask me how, why or what as I truly do not know) be put onto a film that I can transfer into a picture that we, humans, can see them, view them and in most times just be in awe as you can now see what the faeries see!

Today, as the sun was still a wee bit warm in the early afternoon and there was no breeze to be had, mind you there were lots of Boreal Chickadees and the sometimes very pushy Grosbeaks swinging from the seed filled feeders and then on top of all of those birds chirping away that sometimes love to the start to dip and dive while trying to catch one of the faeries, just to play with them or so they say...there was a squirrel hiding in amongst the sunflowers that needed to be watched, and watched very carefully.

So instead of letting them hide within the tall grasses in the bushes where the squirrel could quickly spring to, so I decided I would just let them out to tip toe through the flower garden instead.

Now, all of a sudden I heard a full out flutter of wings and high pitched squeals and off I run outside to see what all the commotion was about...but the faeries were just talking way too fast for me to even to try to figure out what on earth they were trying to tell me.

With all of this excitement going on...this is how I learned of their secret...(the one that I mentioned way up close the beginning of this story...but remember you have to shhhhhussssshhhh and not to breathe a word about this)...that they decided it was important enough that I needed to see what they had seen.

I, myself, am at a loss for words, I have no clue how to even process what they showed me, or if I am even allowed to share with even you. After much discussion and trust me...with may seem to you and me that this whole conversation was only a few seconds long, but this bit of chatter to a faeries took all afternoon, through tea time, through supper time and then all the way to the darkness of the evening... that they had finally decided that they could/should share what they knew with me!

What they told me, well the best way to describe well just through the pictures that they shared with me...

I could see something but I wasn't quite sure what exactly it was that I was seeing. 
To me, this looked like perhaps we had a visiting stunning and beautiful wee pony.  
Even with this front view, I was still wondering if I should give my head a shake! 
 Things are a bit clearer but was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing?
And here she is! In all of her loveliness, grandeur and exquisiteness...
I do believe we have a unicorn here in amongst our nursery!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Eleventh Hour Visitor?

Now here we are at a very northern nursery in Canada, with the sun now setting earlier and earlier in evening with barely a the light from dusk sky.

At this hour the Faeries rarely are allowed outside at this unusual hour. Why you ask? Well to be honest the mosquitoes are still bigger than they are! To me, if I was a Faerie...I wouldn't want to be outside either.

So there I was sitting outside breathing in the fresh air, hearing the breeze murmur their way through the tips of tallest tree branches and watch the light as it quickly fades away. I was enjoying my cup of tea in my favourite mug when I thought I heard a rustle in the low lying undergrowth and small shrubs?

Being as inquisitive as I am (and well knowing that I would be in BIG trouble from the Faeries if I didn't go and investigate) I ran back into the nursery to grab the camera....thankfully I didn't rouse anyone or else I never would have gotten back outside!

And this is what I found...I'm not too sure who this is? What they are doing here at the nursery? Where they came from? Are there more? Why are they rustling around just outside the nursery in the late evening light? Why are they here? The questions going through my head were quickly being asked to the point I just couldn't keep up and I defiantly can't remember to write them all down here.

This is what I heard...whispers, sighs, and even though I was within hearing distance I still couldn't distinguish the language that I could just barely hear.

What could I see....a hat that definitely had undoubtably had a curly form, it looked a lot like burlap to me but then how could burlap have form? A very long beard could be seen from a side profile, leading me to believe that our visitor just might be a little old man, gnome, dwarf!

This wee creature was definitely looking around but didn't seem to wander to far from where I originally found him. He just kind of was gazing, inspecting and possibly even peeking through the leaves just checking me out as well?

Now a lot of the pictures that I am posting may very similar in looks but all I could think of what to do was to keep pressing the shutter button just to make sure that I got something on film.

Once inside the nursery, I uploaded the photos from the camera to my it is VERY important that you realize that none of these photos have been altered in anyway. All I did was add our watermark...well for you know why reasons.

I will definitely take another gander in the morning and perhaps let the Faeries out to look around just in case he is just too nervous to see me, me who must look like a giant.

So here he is our eleventh hour visitor...

Monday, August 25, 2014

An Instant Connection?

It is always and amazing feeling when someone has gone through hundreds of pages and though thousands of listings...and here they stumble onto not one but two of your wee faerie items and picked them to be shared through a treasury of theirs!

I would like to thank Blue Rose Dreamer for featuring our wee Magical Faerie Door and Petra of the Northern Line of Faeries in their Magic Treasury.

On top of all of that....I have read her Handmade Artists profile and you know what....except for me not knowing what Downtown Abbey is...and that I have unfortunately never been to a Renaissance Faire before but have a dreamed of going to one, well for most of my life...I feel that we could just sit down for hours and well take about everything we have in common. And trust me it would take more than not just one cup of tea...but possibly even a few pots!!

Thank you so much Blue Rose Dreamer....

Please do drop by and check our her Magic Treasury...and well, now that you are drop by her Handmade Artists Shop as well...and prepared to be awed and be ready to fall in love!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Perfect Seaside Story

Now thinking along the lines of my wee company that specializes in Faeries you certainly must be questioning the title of this blog posting? Well, I know I would be, if I was you! Just saying??

Earlier this year I had decided to take a massive leap into the unknown and add to the Northern Line a mermaid like faerie. As this decision took more studying than the rest of the faeries that represent the environment, animals/birds both well known and sacred, using a historical reference and then finally symbolizing the topography of the land and water of northern Canada.

As from this point in the making of the Northern Line I had taken inspiration from the Northwest Territories and the Yukon areas but I knew little and next to nothing of the newest territory of Canada.  On April 1, 1999 Canada officially divided the Northwest Territories, a land claim that had proposed in 1976. This new 'land' has and still is mainly inhabited by the Inuit who have lived there for thousands of years. This new territory was called Nunavut which translates to the 'place of fish' in the traditional Inukitut language.

Garnered with the history of this magnificent new but oldest land, I knew that I had to fashion a new genre, a new type, a new style of faerie so her story could be told through my own imagination of colours, design, look and feel of a faerie made to represent and hopefully do justice to this land that was and is our ancestry.

I would like to share with you the story that inspired the creation of Mistress Sanna.

**The Legend of Sedna the Sea Goddess

The legend of how Sedna became a sea goddess is told throughout the Arctic. The story varies from one region to the next. However, in all versions, a young woman becomes the mother of all sea creatures and controls the availability of seal, walrus, fish, whale, and other sea animals to the Inuit hunters. 

Once there was a young woman named Sedna. She lived in the Arctic with her mother and father. She loved her mother and father very much and was very content. Her father was a skilled hunter, so he provided very well for his family. Sedna had plenty of food and warm furs to wear. She liked the comfort of her parent's home and refused to marry. Many Inuit men desired Sedna for a wife and asked her parents for permission to marry her. But Sedna refused them all. Even when her parents insisted it was time for her to marry she refused to follow tradition and obey them.

This continued for quite some time, until one particular Inuk came to visit Sedna. This man promised Sedna that he would provide her with plenty of food to eat and furs for clothes and blankets. Sedna agreed to marry him. After they were man and wife, he took her away to his island. When they were alone on the island, he revealed to her that he was not a man at all, but a bird dressed up as a man! Sedna was furious, but she was trapped and had to make the best of it. He, of course, was not a good hunter and could not provide her with meat and furs. All the birdman could catch was fish. Sedna got very tired of eating fish every day.

They lived together on the island for a time, until Sedna's father decided to come and visit. Upon seeing that his daughter was so unhappy and that her husband had lied to her, he killed the birdman. Sedna and her father got into his kayak and set off for home. The birdman's friends discovered what they had done and wanted to avenge the birdman's death. They flew above the kayak and flapped their wings very hard. The flapping of their wings resulted in a huge storm. The waves crashed over the small kayak making it almost impossible to keep the boat upright.

Sedna's father was so frightened that the storm would fill his kayak with water and that he would drown in the icy waters that he threw Sedna overboard. He thought that this would get the birds to stop flapping their wings, but it did not. Sedna did not want to be left in the water, so she held tightly to the edge of her father's boat and would not let go. Fearing that she would tip him over, the father cut her fingers off, one joint at a time. From each of her finger joints different sea creatures were born. They became fish, seals, walruses, and whales.

Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean and there became a powerful spirit. Her home is now on the ocean floor. If you have seen her, you know she has the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish.

Sedna now controls all of the animals of the sea. The Inuit who rely on these animals want to maintain a good relationship with Sedna, so that she will continue to allow her animals to make themselves available to the hunters. Inuit have certain taboos that they must follow to keep Sedna happy. One of these says that when a seal is killed it must be given a drink of fresh water, not salt water.

If the hunters do not catch anything for a long time, the Shaman will transform himself into a fish. In this new form, he or she will swim down to the bottom of the ocean to appease Sedna the Sea Goddess. The Shaman will comb the tangles out of Sedna's hair and put it into braids. This makes her happy and soothes her anger. Perhaps it is because Sedna lost her fingers that she likes to have her hair combed and braided by someone else. When she is happy, she allows her animals to make themselves available to the hunters. Animals do not mind giving themselves up to provide food, clothes, and shelter for the Inuit. **

**© Lenore Lindeman, 1999.
Moore Charles. 1986. Keeveeok, Awake! Edmonton: Ring House Gallery. p. 9–10.

I hope you now know why and how I created and welcomed Mistress Sanna amongst the beautiful, mystifying and magical family of the Northern Line of Faeries. I do hope that I have done her justice and I hope that she is able to carry on the folklore of the Inuit people.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Forgotten Addendum

As I am scrambling to update my 'Thought of the Day' postings that have been late this whole week, I have just noticed that on all of the ones I just posted today....that on the bottom left hand side, not only have I added my amazing logo (a more than massive thank you to Alyssa) but that I had put on an address that you could either visit, stay up-to-date on or to confirm that indeed I had created this graphic.

Now here lies the dilemma with this whole thing...when I had saved them I was at the time still had and was active on the company's Facebook page!

Arggggghhhh how embarrassing! As most of the ones that I still have waiting to showcase were made prior to the closing down of the said FB page they too will have that link on them. Unfortunately by the stage of them being ready for 'print' so to speak...the rest of the ones that I still have waiting were created in a PNG format and then saved as a JPEG format. Sighhhhhhh.......Arggggggg......

As I am in the process of creating the next few graphics, I promise that the link will be changed to go back to the website! Sighhhhhh......Argggggg......

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Deactivation

Well the time has finally come....

I have said my goodbyes, I have shed a few tears, I have asked over and over and over again for my friends to just follow a simple link...a simple link to the website.

For those of you that take the time to come here and say 'hello', thank you so much. Thank you for your support, your friendship, your love.

I promise that I will work ten times harder at keeping you engaged, in giggling fits, in ear to ear grins,  to doing jumping jacks, dancing in the rain, clapping your hands, stopping to say 'hello' to a stranger, jumping in muddles and stopping to smell the flowers.

All of these things come very naturally to a faerie....not so easy to do for us let's all peek through that thin veil between their world and ours...let us learn a new a way to live our lives...

On that note...Goodbye Facebook...I shall miss you but I am sooooo looking forward to our next adventure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Massive New Way of Blog Posting

Well, as the countdown continues to tick tock, tick tock away on the closing date (Friday, August 22, 2014 at exactly 9:48 p.m. Mountain Standard Time) of the company's Facebook page, I am busy scrambling to get all I need/want transferred over to this page and to the website.

But all the while working on this massive project I have come up with a completely new writing style! I my writing style itself is an complete enigma that no one has ever seen or probably ever want to see again. But this is a totally new way of writing and now a totally new me!

Are you ready? Really, you need to be ready! I'm not joking really do need to sit down, make yourself comfortable, perhaps grab a juice box and even a blankie if you feel the need for never could be a completely freezing day and one or more of you might need a blankie...and on those occasions please do make yourself a cup of tea..or even a cup of hot know the kind that has those wee marshmallows in it (you know the ones that are completely rock hard and so tiny that you can barely see them in the canister??)...sorry back onto the  topic...are you ready to see the NEW me...well not really a new on earth could you ever replace me (okay...all of you hecklers in the back row...stop that nonsense all know that I am completely irreplaceable and for only the good reasons too!!). Gesh (as references in the Urban Dictionary: as raw talent, those that are deemed (note a spelling error on the their insertion of this definition as it should of read deem and not deam) to have or hold the status of Gesh are ready for anything, primed to explode and never ever die)...another long ramble to just to say something so simple..

Now once you get through all of that mumbo jumbo....I have tried my best not to use the NEW writing style of the NEW me (please read the above definition in regards to the explanation of the word ME).

And here it is...***(please note the FOOTNOTE listed below)

I have decided to add a new '...' (meaning the phase of 'dot, dot, dot') (please note that there will be no ' ' following or after the '...' ) set of brackets (this style '('  along with the word  'insert' (note again, there will be no  ' '  in the actual new comment style) followed by an adjective or verb (this will completely be written as required) (granted that I really don't know the difference between the two) followed by a 'comment' (again, see the definition of   ' '  ) and then followed by the word 'here' (again please note the explanation of  '  ' in the aforementioned definition) (again...please read this whole paragraph so you know all of the words and punctuation definitions.. okay fine, I never did give you the definition of the word here it is...according to the Urban Dictionary...Punctuation is a key part of everyday writing. Often times punctuation is critically lacking online. Not to mention spelling.) (yes, I know I really don't know how to use such a thing as punctation as it would really cramp my writing style thingy especially online, perhaps even using this Blog and writeup as an example??) and then followed by this final bracket (this style ')'.

And well ummm...hmmm that was it ... (insert an OMG here) you made me read through all of that nonsense to just get to this ... (insert an I'm sorry comment here).

But whole vocabulary of how I write ... (insert a YAY! here) *(insert the FOOTNOTE listed below)...will be completely changed *(see the FOOTNOTE listed below)... I know it will ... (insert a I certainly hope so here).

Thanks for the visit *(see FOOTNOTE below) *(please note that this first set of '...' {please note the meaning of the '...' in one of the first paragraphs})  ... (insert a ** (please note the second FOOTNOTE listed below) smiley face here).


* Please do not be confused when I write '...' (for the last time * (please note this actual * FOOTNOTE)...there will be no ' ' space before or after the '...' in these instances.

** Aren't you excited? *(please note the above FOOTNOTE) '... ' (please see the definition of ' ' the use of this type of punctuation) please see ** (please see the beginning of this actual idea of this whole excited blog posting ... (insert a ? {poorly use of a punctuation}and a ! {again poorly use of a punctuation) here).

***Please note the lack of explanations of the first few paragraphs of grammar (please note the correct way of spelling grammar compared to the spelling of gammer written in the Urban Dictionary) and punctuation (please see the definition of punctuation in the above FOOTNOTE designation as **) as I am trying to show you the new style of writing compared the current/old style of writing.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The New TAB??

As our Facebook page will be closing down as of Friday, August 22, 2014 I thought that perhaps all of the hard work that I put into the 'Thought of the Day' postings shouldn't just be deleted and never seen again!

Hence the new TAB...Quotes!

I am still pondering over the idea of including the tidbit of information, rant or just plain talk along with the quote itself and the graphic that I created for it. As some of my postings can being taken as being quite humorous and others possibly on the verge of being liken to a being preached to though religion, wicca and well my views and ideals of the world.

As time is definitely running out my decision will need to happen over the next day or two...oh no...the pressure is on!!!  ARGGGGGGG

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Radical Changes!!

August 16, 2014 ~ CHANGES -- Although this list of things will drastically change the way and the face of my company they are the ones that at this time I feel will be the best for me, the best for the company, for the best for all things. In one aspect I am leaving behind some of the biggest sites that allow my company exposure but then on the other hand it will give me the change to expand in other ways. I hope that those that do follow me now will be able to continue or if not be able to adapt to the new structure. I am not trying to say 'goodbye' by any means I am trying to say 'hello'. So 'hello' new world...HERE I AM!

August 16, 2014 ~ TIME LINE -- Now please do not panic! I hope to begin to adapt these new changes over the next week or so. I will put a on each page an explanation of why I am closing that social media site for at least two weeks as I hope that will give everyone time to either change their easy of following me or a way for those to say goodbye. I know that there will be a probability of people that will either have to or even want to say goodbye as they feel that if I shut down one site why should they bother changing what they do. To those ones, I will apologize to but I do hope that they will understand my actions, my new options, my new initiatives and my new Nursery.

August 16, 2004 ~ WEBSITE -- I really feel like I have dropped the ball on this page. I rarely update any of new faeries or for that matter any up-to-date news that shows that this page is active. So, it is time to change things up at a bit, to spruce things up, to be Faerie Amma!

August 16, 2014 ~ FACEBOOK! -- What to say, what to say. I have decided with sometimes much apprehension and misgivings to yes, I have to do this, not just for the business but for my own self worth. I have found this social media something too overwhelming, too time consuming, all the way to not being noticed at all. In order to have a business page on Facebook you are required to also have a personal page that it can be linked to. I know that every 3 to 6 months I purge everything that I have posted just as I see it not relevant to what I am doing today. I do know that for a fact though that through the way Facebook is now set up that even if you decide to delete anything from either being seen or to even just deleting that everything that you do or have posted does not actually get deleted from their server but actually gets stored for their own future advertising purposes for you to see on your newsfeed page. Is this required? Certainly not to my liking!

August 16, 2014 ~ BLOGSPOT.CA -- I know that earlier this year or was it later on in 2013 that I stopped using this site as a way to communicate to the world. At that time, I had my devoted computer guru (that's you Shawn) create a blog with there on my website. I was hoping that this page would be a great way to replace this blog site but I found that it was a very difficult way to have people follow me, to advertise that I had done a posting, to getting my message out there. I have decided that I will now copy my 'Thought of the Day' onto my webpage as well, as those that find my website should get to know all of the aspects of the nursery. I don't want my website to be just a place to push people to buy something but to share actual valuable information with them as well. Oh and I will get our computer guru to change the font here on this page to be a bit more reader friendly as well!

August 16, 2014 ~ TWITTER -- So this is a very interesting platform for social media. As I have always had anything that I post from my website and then again from our Facebook page to be automatically 'tweeted' I am able to reach an audience that I never even knew existed. I try desperately to remind myself that my account is set up for the business only and that is how I am to treat it, but who doesn't want to be following Sir Patrick Stewart or Chris Hadfield or Diana Gabaldon or Melissa Gilbert or me the list is say the least...I follow 232 and I am now followed by 217. So in the end, I guess my odd mixture of not so faerie related and actually faerie related follows/followers is a great even constant.

August 16, 2014 ~ PINTEREST - What a fascinating site. I have made quite a few albums that pertain to all the different things that are relevant to the nursery. These albums showcase all of the faeries, whether being from the Generation 1 or Generation 2 styles. I have created a file that includes the 'Thought of the Day' and I have actually had people not only 'heart' the addition but sharing it on their own pages as well. Know I have head that Pinterest is a marvellous place to get lost in, to look for photos, to look for ideas, to find find friends that are on there and then to follow. I myself, have not spent a lot of time here as I really need to stay focused on what I am trying to create and display and when you get down to the nitty gritty in the hopes of actually selling an item.

August 16, 2014 ~ INSTAGRAM -- Wow, what a program! I can actually change the look of a photo that I have randomly shot and then post it to difference accounts instantly. Whoever came up with the fascinating concept is a genius for sure. I am sure that there are many, many, many tricks that I need to learn but I am slowly figuring them out.

August 16, 2014 ~ FLICKR -- Yay! I am finally getting the knack of posting photos directly from Instagram and having them show up on the Flickr account. Now tell me, how fun is that! I have created a few new albums right onto the Flickr pages where I can have the photo actually posted in to that folder! I am making sure that anything that I do take photos of whether from my iPhone to iPad get posted onto Flickr to keep everyone updated on the goings on here in the nursery.

August 16, 2014 ~ YOUTUBE -- Even as a much under used account, I am quite proud of the videos I have posted. I do feel that this social media site of them all really does put me out there to the public, bares my soul for all to see, makes me more nervous than even going to that dentist appointment that you know will include freezing (sorry, I am just trying to look for comparison). I do hope to add more as I do have a list going that I need to address but either I haven't had the time or I have just not wanted to do more. I promise to try my best at putting a few together to share.

August 16, 2014 ~ SALES SITES -- There has been some major thought thinking over here at the nursery (yes, the Faeries were standing by with the fire extinguishers) to how we are going to proceed with the social media platforms that we are currently using to keep our business in the 'lime light' (mind you we do much prefer being in the 'sparkle light'.) We have found that there are some very import and large pages that although they have been wonderful to participate in, that they have not generated any further views to the website or for that matter any sales. I will be merging all sales pages back to the Etsy page as it is the only of the current selling sites that is actually being viewed and purchased from. The ones that currently do a monthly charge will be deleted. Yes, I do realize that Etsy too does do a $0.20 charge to renew all listings after 4 months, and yes, $0.20 certainly does add up over the span of a year but if I want to be found on the massive thing called the 'web' then I need to do some serious changes. All current photos that link to these sites will be changed over to our Etsy page so there will be no interruption in our services.

August 16, 2014 ~ 'THOUGHT OF THE DAY' -- Quotes will now be hosted on two pages one being here on the account and the other on our website page under the tab marked BLOG. I have had such wonderful responses to these quotes along with my own perceptive thoughts and ideas. Granted that sometimes these just become rants, other connotations to being either religious or wicca, all the way to being philosophical in nature. As hubby dearest pointed out that eventually I will run out of quotes to post and that stage I do believe that I will go beyond the realm of faeries and will start researching dragons and the such. But do not be alarmed I will always include my own personal touch no matter how bizarre that happens to be!!

Now I would like to thank all of those that managed to actually read down this far to the bottom of this list of thoughts and ideas...if you have actually done this huge feat...then please do press the CONTACT ME button just to your fill in your name and contact information and I will get back to you so I can send you a gift of our appreciation for you having to decided to join me and the nursery on this wild new ferris wheel ride of an adventure.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Thought of the Day'

Over the past few weeks I have been posting a 'Thought of the Day' on the Nursery's Facebook page. With such a wonderful response by people, these sayings are now being shared on the I Believe in the Fae (a community page....ooooooh....I have never been in a community before....well perhaps I have during my life...but I never wanted to actually get to know my neighbours and even more scarier to actually be someone's friend in that neighbourhood), Faerie Ring Community (secret group...oooooooh...I belong to a secret group...that in itself is soooo exciting) and The Fairy Sanctuary (not such a secret group...but still....oooooooh....I belong to a group now...and they even let me in!!!...what were they thinking??). 

In order to make these sayings be a wee bit more pleasing to the readers eyes I have been busy learning some of the basics of my Photoshop Elements program (of course with Alyssa's help...especially when I's NOT working).

Hubby dearest has provided me with a very long list of sayings that involve either Faeries, Fae or even Dragons. I have now finished off all of these great submissions and am now working off of sites that I am confirming their spelling, correct wording and author through I have given full author credits and if unknown they are marked as so, to make sure that I am not infringing on any type of copyright laws that are in place. 

Along with these quotes as time has progressed and I have felt more comfortable in my own skin to start sharing my own thoughts and feelings, I now go on quite the ramble preceding the graphic.

I am quite proud to announce that people are not just 'liking' these quotes but that they are commenting and even sharing. To me, that makes me feel that I am doing a great a job and maybe even providing a posting that is greatly appreciated. 

As I have been kind of hounded over these many years to start writing and jotting down my thoughts and stories from my life, I think I might have just found an outlet for me to start this long journey. So to all of those (and you know who you are), I guess this is my way of saying 'thank you', thank you for the wee nudges (okay, some of them were not so wee), coaxing and well out right nagging me to do something that people think I might a knack for. Now please do keep in mind that I write exactly the way I talk. There are no adjectives, prepositions, verbs, commas, conjunctions (whatever that is...I looked it up on Wikipedia...which in itself is a MAJOR no no) to any sentence, paragraph (or lack thereof...hence see this writeup alone). I write the way the words come tumbling out of head, on the tip of my tongue, in the way my fingers type things out on the keyboard (and trust me....I have absolutely no control over this part). Oh and spelling...except for the wonderful thing called spell checker...I have no clue and really don't care how to spell a word just as long as I can get the idea put down. 

So if after all this nonsense that I just made you read...if you like to check out some of this nonsense please do visit my Facebook page and enjoy. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Faerie Amma - Jewellery Part I

Well, being a Faerie and a Goddess, you certainly do get to pick out the most amazing jewellery that is befitting the position.

I will be doing the next few blogs on the photos of the jewellery that I have found have inspired, energized and moved me. Each piece has been handmade for me and that makes them even more precious. Each set has been worn by me as Faerie Amma...and me as well!

Krissy Terry

Freya Song

Inspired by the Moon

Princess of Scraps

Inspired by the Moon

Secret Dreams Jewelry PF

Carol MacPherson

Inspired by the Moon