Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Forgotten Addendum

As I am scrambling to update my 'Thought of the Day' postings that have been late this whole week, I have just noticed that on all of the ones I just posted today....that on the bottom left hand side, not only have I added my amazing logo (a more than massive thank you to Alyssa) but that I had put on an address that you could either visit, stay up-to-date on or to confirm that indeed I had created this graphic.

Now here lies the dilemma with this whole thing...when I had saved them I was at the time still had and was active on the company's Facebook page!

Arggggghhhh how embarrassing! As most of the ones that I still have waiting to showcase were made prior to the closing down of the said FB page they too will have that link on them. Unfortunately by the stage of them being ready for 'print' so to speak...the rest of the ones that I still have waiting were created in a PNG format and then saved as a JPEG format. Sighhhhhhh.......Arggggggg......

As I am in the process of creating the next few graphics, I promise that the link will be changed to go back to the website! Sighhhhhh......Argggggg......

1 comment:

  1. Oh my - should keep you busy for a while I would think ;) Got to love computers sometimes (NOT) ;)