Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Sharin - Mascot for Enchanted Pathways

This wee little faerie was given to me from a lady in San Francisco. She sent me a note that went something like this....

"is the little gal settled in with you? she lived with me for about 20 years.....when you connected with me the second time - she said she wanted to go to the Fort Smith Fairy Clan - and off she went!"

To have a stranger share such a precious gift shows me that people do believe. They believe not only in faeries but also in generosity, love and compassion. In return I have made a Petal Faerie for Sharin out of the flower petals I had purchased from her. I hope that my little faerie will bring her as much happiness as her faerie has brought me.

The last batch of the "Bottom's Up" faeries

Well these little faeries were full of whimsical colours both bold and pastels. And we discovered hair! To think that I have this full rubbermaid of yarn that I purchased just for hair....and I have never used any! Why do faeries have to be so human like? Well they don't and they certainly are NOT human. So here they all of their splendour :)