Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rolling Up the Carpet

As another holiday season shortly arrives, I must say that I have had a wonderfully success month for sales (insert....MASSIVE hug to all my followers).

This will be the last day that my 2012 Holiday Collection will be available on my website and on Etsy.
I wished I could keep them up longer but due to possible shipping delays, I would be more disappointed if my little creations didn't make it to their new homes in time.

Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery website

Faerie Nursery Etsy store front

I have one last craft fair to attend here in town and right now I am busy decorating my first entry for the Festival of Trees (photo will be posted soon).

I will be splitting up the last of my holiday faeries between this craft fair and the one that my daughter has a table at next weekend. Pretty exciting to know that my faeries will be displayed in Calgary, AB.

Over the next month I will be just as busy with the new line of stand-up faeries along with my current selections.

I have already decided on what I will be making for my next free draw that will be held the first week of January....just in time for Valentine's Day (oops, did I just give a hint away??).

Again, thank you for your support of the Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery :)