Monday, October 6, 2014

Introduction of a Lost Clay Potter??

Well it seems that there is an never ending surprises that happen here at the nursery.

Over the weekend there was a wee knock on the door.  Now if this was summer time or even very late spring this would not have been something that doesn't happen on a regular basis...but with it now being nippy outside with even snowflakes falling gracefully from the sky I was actually quite concerned and questioned who on earth could be outside on this wintery day??

Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes...there was a Faerie standing there just a shivering away. I asked her right away to come in to warm up by the pellet stove and then I ran off to make a pot of sweet tea for her.

After she was settled in and rocking away on one of the comfy chairs she began to tell her story all the while emptying her bag of the many treasures that she had collected on her way.

Here she was a Clay Potter that had been swooped up by a westwardly wind and she couldn't find her way back. Thankfully she found a yellow breasted grosbeak that new the way to the nursery...and now here she is!

As I hadn't even known that there were any more Clay Potters out there she definitely was a beautiful surprise and a wonderful addition to the group.

Once she was all able to get up and bit more back to normal she asked if she could introduce herself to the others. I wasn't too sure what she had in mind but I told her I would do anything to help her out.

Then she ran off with Faerie Bosh to help her in the kitchen. Hmmm what was she up to?

So here is here introduction....please meet Faerie Edie...

Here is a close up of Faerie Edie

What a stunning dress!

And with Faerie Bosh's help...she offered every one a bit of  yummy strawberry shortcake  and a cup of  sweet tea? She then started to sing away with a most beautiful voice that I have ever heard.